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[Status Update] - We don't have MoM anymore?

Where is the chosen one of november? :)

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Nov 09, 2016 at 08:08 PM edited Nov 10, 2016 at 10:44 PM

We's just that the guy in charge is behind.

That guy being me.

We have one for November, and I'm in the process of finalizing the interview with him. Time difference has been a bit of a challenge.

Look for an update sooner...and more timely posts come December and beyond.

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Thanks for explanation Jerry! :)

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Jerry Janda
Dec 13, 2016 at 07:23 PM

How about December? The month is almost half through and no new MoM has been announced yet. Would be happy to read a new interview.



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If it were not for you, I would not know that there is no MoM for December :)

The chances that I, or one of the few people, who I am following, navigates to the overview page, then scrolls all the way down (2.5 screens) to look at the MoM article, are very slim.

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Veselina Peykova
Dec 14, 2016 at 07:32 AM
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so glad I was catching up on Coffee Corner to learn this - very happy to see his app contributing to recognition for MoM

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Exactly. MoM used to be at the top on the old home page. Now I wouldn't know whether there is one or not.

Well, considering that "Community Voice" newsletter almost exclusively consists of the SAP employee/partner content maybe we should all get a clue...

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30 days hath September, April, June, and November...

Sorry to bump you from the page Evgeniy Kolmakov, but Helmut deserved his place of honor on the bottom of this community page:

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I'd like to nominate Steffi once again. Since it's a new site, maybe the MoM counter should reset. :)

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Well, it's quite feasible :)

If I could choose, I would choose Matt.

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Nope. I had my moment in the sun. Time for others to shine, and some of them shine very brightly indeed. But thank you for the vote of confidence! Not sure I've really earned it, but...

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Oh you... stop it! *blush*

My pick would be Veselina for her detailed troubleshooting etc. ^^ Maybe they need another category next to MoM called "Tester of the Month". :D

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I think, moderators deserve a collective MoM badge :)

I can only guess, but probably the new tools, which they got, are not completely bug-free and full of features. Combined with the enormous amount of peoples, who still cannot find their way - this is a huge amount of work, plus trying to negate the decline in members' contribution by answering questions, plus dealing with more frustrated users than usual...

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Ok, stop playing the shy ones!

We all want to be it again! :D

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I've never been :(

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I think it should be granted to 'Anonymous SCN User', who stayed devoted to the Community and didn't run away!

P.S. Just saw that Veselina had similar idea :) But, I think, the credit should go to everyone, not only the moderators.

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I think we simply need to replace the MoM by MoCC

Member of the Coffee Corner

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Yeah, it'll be our own "people's choice award". :)

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