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HANA Ain't No Acronym

While doing a bit of idling on Saturday night, I went through some of my old(ish) blog posts. I'd forgotten about this one, and it gave me a chuckle:

An in-memory database by any other name would be as fast

Accepting the risk of accusations of blowing my own trumpet, I do think it deserves a second chance. I mean, recursive acronyms, logical paradoxes and Shakespeare, what's not to like?

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Jun 16 at 10:38 PM

Thanks Morton for pointing us to that, it made me smile! :-)

Jerry Janda is that maybe one of the hidden gems you're looking for?



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Hi Morten!

Your post reminded me of one of the first videos I watched about HANA in which Henry Cook tells the story about how the name came - possibly - about:

As an aside: I found this video very informative and helpful when I happened upon it a while ago when we were starting to look into all things HANA.



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Hi Bärbel

I hadn't heard the Hana Bay story before :-) Thank you for the link.



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You get a like just for the title. Reminded me of GNU and that's not a bad thing.

EDIT - I did read the blog, but I'm oddly fascinated by your title here. :)

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