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Blog post tips from Jim - number 1 - first line

As @Lars put me up to it (no I did it myself) I'm open to mentor bloggers. One brave soul stepped up, and we''ve all learned from each other, so here is one to share with the crowd. I may have more, we'll see, and technical blue pencil edits will go on behind the curtain.

Your first line is your first impression. I went to the book on the top of my stack (alright just one of the stacks):

Raymond Chandler, "The Little Sister", 1949.

“The pebbled glass door panel is lettered in flaked black paint: "Philip Marlowe ... Investigations."

> Catches your attention, no questions asked, and you know just what's coming.

me, SCN, 2007, first blog. A rookie mistake caught @Blag's eye; we've been tres amigoes since (and my Spanish isn't any better yet).

"Like Finnegan’s Wake, I’m starting this story in the middle."

> Short, sweet, and a literary/literal puzzle. I still like it.

@Emanuel, SCN, 2017. I picked on the "Toast" post, cause it jumped out at me. Lot of fun in this take.

"Everyone know that sap.m.MessageToast is ugly (it’s mean to say but it’s damn true!) so when I want to deploy an app and I need to use some kind of toasts I always try to find the perfect library (that also support FontAwesome)."

> Technical and grammar improvements are warranted, but otherwise this is an outstanding first line.

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