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[Status Update] An interesting application of secondary Tags

Tagging make it a .....Name Tag (...yes I laughed at my bad joke)

Perhaps if this was posted to SAP Access Control Alessandro and Madhu might actually see it :(

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Nov 09, 2016 at 02:44 AM

The only way to shout out for someone you know can help you....

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yes but those two people (who are great contributors) are less likely to be filtering on a tag for their name!

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That's true :)

But maybe in a far far far far away time, we'll have a working search function with the shout out option, which will help us in finding things and linking people...

Ok, time to go to work and stop daydreaming...

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I like shout-out to notify someone that this is something that might be of interest, but not as a "Oy - you, expert, yes, you there - come and help me NOW'.

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Exactly right. In any case, adding people's names as a secondary tag doesn't achieve anything at present. I've seen some of this as well, where people tagged folks on their questions because they had seen similar questions or blogs or whatever from years ago, and then expected those folks to answer.

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This could be an interesting idea for pseudo-@mention if we actually had an option to filter and follow our "name tag".

P.S. Why is there a separate tag for "SAP GRC Access Approver" and how would one know to post a GRC-related question under a tag with no GRC in the name? This is confusing.

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You can follow such tag with a bookmark in your browser, you just do not get a notification in the activity stream.

Do you know a country where the first name changes with a marriage, then I could eventually get around the trouble with all the mistakes made with my name. I have seen quite many such name tagged questions this week

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Jelena.... see other Coffee Corner post by Gretchen.... GRC space in old SCN has been split into 22 primary/secondary tags for each sub component. And most of them are previous product versions that have been rebranded. The main tag for most should be either SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control or SAP Risk Management. They comprise the three modules for GRC component. Probably is, none of them have the word GRC in them so most users won't find those tags. Coincidentally, SAP GRC Access Approver has the word GRC and probably appears at the top of the list

Check out my comment... I listed all the Tags relating to GRC content

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