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[Status update] I <3 Beef Jerky!

Just had it for the first time and I love it. Nomnomnom... now if only it weren't so expensive...

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Nov 08, 2016 at 09:48 AM

Heheheh... you could prepare it at home - it is not that expensive and it is quite easy.

The hardest part is to resist the temptation to eat all by yourself. :)

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It is deer hunting season here in Pennsylvania, and some of the best jerky and beef stick I've had have been venison :)

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People kill&eat Santa's transportation? Monsters....

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LOL - that would be white tail deer, not reindeer, so your Christmas presents should be delivered on time :)

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Sadly Rudolph's shiny red nose just makes him an easier target.

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Not Rudolph! ;(

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Had some hunters on campus recently, I believe...

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Is it? Do you have a good recipe at hand?

PS: Just clicked several times on "comment", because it looks like the comment box wouldn't appear. Of course it's at the end of the whole comment list. I forgot...

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Feed your wild side, Steffi!

"Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials for Jack Link's jerky*

*Available with various flavors (Teriyaki) and ingredients (turkey)

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I haven't seen Teriyaki yet, but pepper (which is not my taste). Maybe I need to check other supermarkets here. But for now I'm perfectly content with the "Original" version.

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I worked on a project once where there were two South Africans in the team who would do monthly Biltong "cook-up"

They had quite a well developed system in place to take orders, trained their butcher to prepare the meat for them and warned their wives that the kitchen was a no-go zone that weekend.

Each Monday after the cook-up, you would turn up to work with air-tight bags in portion sizes. They are also had a great marketing of putting small bowls out throughout the office for all to try

One of them go posted overseas so the project was quite upset. Fortunately, he was good with succession planning and trained someone else up.

I miss Biltong and Stokkies

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