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My Week (a Film in Three Acts)

Act 1 (beginning of the week, during which one topic of conversation preoccupied every waking hour)

Act 2 (middle of the week, as I prepared for the inevitable)

Act 3 (end of the week, as I find myself staring at Former Members)

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May 25 at 12:57 PM edited May 25 at 12:59 PM

I look forward to seeing the act 4 !!

<worries>There will be an act 4 Jerry ? </worries>

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Frédéric Cincet
May 25 at 03:50 PM

No act 4, but I'm working on a script to the sequel.

The working title was "Former Members 2: Electric Boogaloo," but your image makes me think I should scrap that idea and go with a trilogy:

"Night of the Former Members"

"Dawn of the Former Members"

"Day of the Former Members"

I only wish a certain filmmaker were still around to collaborate with me... :(

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Woa, that's a pretty cool picture, Jerry :-)

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Thanks. I was so glad I got a chance to meet him. :)

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And wearing a Goblin t-shirt! That's a horror connoisseur right there :-)

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It would take another horror connoisseur to recognize it. :)

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Speaking of horror's one we can all appreciate maybe... :)

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And not just this, you are now also forcing the users to change the password once in 6 months.

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not that I'm aware of. where did you see this, at login into which application?

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This morning all of a sudden I got a blank activities screen. I was still able to answer questions, just could not get the activities. After a while I got a HTTP 400 error. I tried then a different browser with my test user and could get the activities. So I went back cleared cache and cookies, closed the browser and when I reopened it I was asked to enter my password. And after I had entered it I got this screen:

I then tried with another browser and received the same screen, so I had to change my password to be able to continue here. And of course I could not use one which is already in the password list

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The reason you are seeing this when logging into SAP Community is, that you are also using another app (likely Jam) that enforces a more strict pw policy. The policy gets applied on user level, once you sign in to an application that has this policy assigned. So nothing that changed on SAP Community side.

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Single Sign-on strikes again? :)

Hmm, I'm using SCN and Jam (with PID) but don't get any password change requests... Why would another app ask for a password change when we enter the Community website? Wouldn't it be logical to ask when we enter that other app (if that's the case)? I'm confused...

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How i know i end up soon...

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all three acts !

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