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Comments as "Former Member" - Is this a potential fall-out from the privacy setting updates?

I've been in discussions with Mike Pokraka about some WF-issues and his latest response from yesterday now all of a sudden shows up as "Former Member" even though I got the notification which had included his name and profile-link as usual:

Are others seeing this as well? It's a bit weird that it only happens for one of Mike's comments so I'm not sure what might be triggering this.

Update: it's getting weirder - when I just went to the thread again my latest response from a few minutes ago also shows up with "Former Member". What's going on there?

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May 23 at 10:50 AM edited May 23 at 10:54 AM

mmm wondering if someone resolved it as I don't see former member for him

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Might be a temporary issue, I just checked and found the full name – although today is the day the "Former Members" are expected to appear according to that updated blog, but Mike is not expected to be one of'em:) – :

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So we're waiting for the first mentioning of a "Coming Member" here, right? :)

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I sure hope Mike Pokraka isn't one of them. (Mike, if you're seeing this thread and you did update your profile settings, could you please let me know?)

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It's really weird. As of right now, I see my own most recent reply under "Former Member":

Which doesn't really make much sense, does it? I had that posted via my iPad and saw my name to begin with. But as soon as I reloaded the page, "Former Member" showed up.

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Hm, still shown correctly for me.

Probably that quote from the thread relates to the SCN developers:

"This morning I tried different things:"
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I just had a colleague of mine display the page (without being logged in) and he also sees "Former Member" for the three latest comments in that thread. So, it's at least not just my computer & my iPad which shows this!

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Wow, now I do also have access to this advanced feature, and it doesn't matter whether I'm logged in or not.

Apparently the former member's first statement tells the truth.

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Is the pattern that the bottom comment is the only one that shows 'Former Member'? I looked at the latest nested comment starting with 'This is indeed bizarre...' and also see the Former Member user. Caroleigh Deneen - perhaps we have a 0 vs. 1 based index problem?

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Slightly different - esp now that I'm no longer employed LOL

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LOL, I'd thought that whole GDPR (resp. SAP's strict implementation in the community) is about not publishing any former data, so how come we are allowed to know you have been a former SAP employee? :)

Aren't all former members equal?

At least we're not told you have been a mod formerly.

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Private members are anonymized but their content doesn't go away. More details are available in the FAQ:

Jeremy Good , I wish you knew you had quit. I would have taken you out to say goodbye. :) (I'm assuming that you did update your privacy settings?)

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I had to update my settings? Hmmm, I guess I should have read one of the emails or tweets :)

No worries, after a time delay it would appear that I am rehired and Caroleigh is investigating things further.

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The "Former Member" comments appeared in a collapsed section below "Show more comments" and nesting level 6 or so. As of this writing, the names show up again for the affected comments.

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Former employee, sorry to hear that Jeremy. We are looking into this.

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Hi, everyone:

I'd love to tell you that this was just a test to jolt the community into action...but I try not to lie to you all (much).

I checked with IT, and it was just a mistake that's been fixed. So if anyone is still experiencing, please let me know.

Next time you see a Former should only be because someone didn't update privacy settings. But people will still have the option to update later if they wish (in which case everything will be reactivated for them).


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this was just a test to jolt the community into action

Jerry, isn't that the whole SAP Community 2.0 slogan?


Volker had better anonymized his current posting:)

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2.0? That was sooooo 2016. :D

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Jerry, I just saw this post after posting a question in "Using SAP". This could be related. Based on what I see here, it seems some content is shown under "former member" incorrectly.

It's happening right now, so whatever IT did yesterday either didn't fix it or some data is still messed up.

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My Notifications are now full of "former members" replying to my answers and such. Now I don't even know what to do about this... I guess it's time to take a vacation from SCN. (Good thing Memorial Day is coming up in the US anyway.)

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Jelena Perfiljeva
May 24 at 05:29 PM

"Former Member is now following you" has a creepy stalker vibe to it, doesn't it?

I was going to respond to your other question, Jelena, but I see Audrey and Jamie beat me to it. Here is some additional information about what's going on. It includes links to resources, related questions, and so on:

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creepy is the right term - looking at my followers is like checking a Ghost town, just 13.5 % of all remained visible.

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I just looked, and it seems that all who follow me and all whom I follow are still "alive" and not ghosts. Whew!

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fallen into the trap. All you get to see have given consent the others are not listed at all. You have to compare the number of visible users (number of pages * 20) with the number of followers. 41% in your case.

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Ah, quite right. Guess I have ghosts in the attic after all.

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Thanks for tip! I see this same contrast in low percentages in both followed and followers, where a heavy concentration of smiling avatars are mentors and SAP employees who've switched on their settings.

On the final page of both lists (Followed / Followers) it also gives you the count of 'temporarily unavailable profiles' -- would be better to be on all pages, not just the last one. It will also help avoid rounding errors if the last page is less than 20.

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All I want to know is... do I still exist?

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yea still exist

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Today looks good, but yesterday my SAP Community looked like a "Walking Dead". For any side that I looked ... I saw a former member. FM

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