Song about programming

To the tune of The Times They Are A Changing

qvxb here:

It's about "programmers" who just cut and paste what they find on the 'net and then hack away it until it "works". Glue gun refers to pasting bits of code together...

Come men and women
Throughout the land
Don't try to comprehend
What you don't understand
Programming languages are
Beyond your command
Your powers of learning are fading
So get out your glue gun
To achieve your plan
It's your approach
That needs changin

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May 03 at 03:08 PM

Now it's an earworm for me...

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There's an old one that Stan Rogers recorded 20 years ago called While Collar Hollar - it's about old-style mainframe programming. You can listen to it here:

Some day I'm going to give up all the buttons and thing
I'll punch that time-clock 'til it can't ring
Burn up my necktie and set myself free
'Cause no one's going fold, bend, or mutilate me...

The style of the one that you posted is called "Filk", one type of which consists of old music with new words on a computer, science, or science fiction theme. Filk is a mainstay of many science fiction conventions. There's a pretty complete explanation of what Filk Music is on Wikipedia.

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I know Filk. I'm a Larry Niven fan.

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To be fair, I copy-paste from the interwebs regularly, especially some SALV stuff. But at least I usually make sure to understand what is it that I've copy-pasted. Actually just the other day I copy-pasted some code with things like "?->" and now might need to post a question on SCN along the lines of "help! I copied this and it somehow works but what does this do exactly?" :)

And I update the variable names. I might be lazy but I still have principles!

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Do you happen to know the movie "Watchmen" (2009)?

Now I have to cope with mental cinema imagining you, manically laughing, while shooting everybody with the Guest-O-Blaster.

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