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Is there an option to have somebody read an unpublished blog post?

Hi Folks,

I'm currently working on a new blog post and am wondering if there's an option to have somebody read through it before hitting "publish"? I poked around a bit but didn't see anything along those lines. I'd find this very helpful for things like getting preliminary feedback, weeding out typos or unclear wording. It's how we do it for blog posts and other content we write and publish on Skeptical Science, basically as our own internal peer review.

Any thoughts about this?

Thanks & Cheers


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  • May 05, 2018 at 07:34 AM

    There is no such option for collaboration now, the document feature of the former platform had it.

    However, if the other user is a moderator then s/he has access and read.

    Further alternative, if you are following each other then you can copy it to direct messages (there is a restriction on characters and it may need to be done in parts)

    • May 05, 2018 at 07:48 AM

      Thanks, Jürgen!

      One option then might be to make use of Google-docs and put the draft there for others to make suggestions. If there's any interest in such an approach, we'd just need a means to connect so that folks interested in helping with proofreading others' posts could get on board by e.g. getting access to a dedicated Google-folder and then being alerted when there's something new to check out.

      But then, I'm perhaps overthinking this and there's no actual need for something like this!

      • May 06, 2018 at 12:02 AM

        Hello Bärbel.

        Draft blogs' reviewing by other nominated members will be indeed very helpful functionality.

        Although in use cases that were valid for me and for some fellows whose background subject area is the same as mine, proof reading or pre-publication checks of almost ready material was one of cases (sometimes secondary), where major demand was related to an earlier phase, when we discussed half-finished blogs or even blogs on very early stages of writing - especially those related to description of undocumented features or prototypes. Mostly, it was conducted over e-mails (direct messages were used sometimes, but were limited in capability of handling large text), by sharing pieces of code/configuration, context of their usage and meaningful outlines (that part commonly further streamed into blog's hands-on illustration/demo). This turned to be really useful (at least to me personally) to get early feedback and remarks on what could have been improved in the final version, re-focus or re-phrase some parts of the blog, as well as to avoid duplication of efforts, in case fellows have already progressed with similar topic. The latter was especially helpful, when a number of trials and iterations was required before presenting a working prototype or reverse engineering some described functionality, which is also associated with some potentially time consuming activities. For example, in some such cases we could even split material and share joint findings via several blogs, published by different contributors.

        We haven't yet come up with tools that could facilitate this process both from perspective of code review and pre-published blog proof reading - at least, not with something that could satisfy writers on general basis. Usage of external tools - such as GitHub for code, Google Documents for blog text - looks feasible, but introduces extra complexity to the entire blog writing process as might require frequent switching between various decoupled tools (very much relevant for technical blogs with several draft iterations). Hence, if the platform could provide such functionality (or parts of it) - that would be nice.



        • May 07, 2018 at 06:10 PM

          Hm this actually sounds more like a wiki than a blog...

          As Juergen said, we used to have documents on SCN and there is really no replacement for that. We've been told such content needs to go to wiki But then wikis are not part of SCN and SAP has always had a love-hate relationship with wiki, so all this does not really encourage wider adoption.

          It'd be nice though to have a blog in unpublished state and to be able to ask someone to review before publishing. But right now only the moderators can see non-published blogs, I believe.

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