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[Status Update] Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam!

So the only saving grace about spamming everybody else's activity stream with my activities in the Using tag is that I'm spamming my own activity stream at the same time... so you are not alone!

And should I be worried? I've started pushing the +More button in my dreams...

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Nov 03, 2016 at 06:23 AM

Look on the bright side - you could be Jürgen... :)

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I am still cautious these days, but maybe I shouldn't , it would then probably elevate the pressure tremendously

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does this mean community improvement coming for Activity Stream to exclude own actions or have better filters ;)

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You are dream Colleen!

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First rule of the Activity stream: don't go to the Activity stream.

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But I really like to look at my color wheel...

Zoom at 30 percent to get this much content (and white space) on one page...

screenshot1279.jpg (30.3 kB)
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And although you can now obscure company and location info in your profile, I would still prefer a smiling avatar picture :)

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I don't. And who says I'd smile in that picture anyway. ;)

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I am a non-teeth smile person myself, but since you've returned and started liking and commenting on things, my Activity stream looks oddly similar to your picture ^^

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Yeah. Sorry about that. ^^

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Ah, I got it! [Urgently changing avatar to a cute cat picture.] :)

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FWIW, Audrey...I got the Python reference. :)

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