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​The new art of self-plugging

Old and busted:
Write a CoffeCorner post about your blog

New hotness:
Start (and end!) your blog with

"If you like this blog please consider indicating this to other members of the community by pressing the like button in the header."

I first thought this is a new platform-feature (which might be a good idea), but as it's the only place I see it, it seems to be manually created....



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Apr 24 at 02:07 PM edited Apr 24 at 02:09 PM

It might actually be nice as a platform feature. And I've seen other platforms doing that plus encouraging people to register / login. It's pretty annoying though if I'm just reading an article someone linked to and have no interest in the website otherwise.

As a self-promo it seems a bit tacky to me. I wouldn't do that, personally. What's the point, anyway? It's not like we're getting a t-shirt or a virtual diamond for that...

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Apr 24 at 04:13 PM

Forever a diamond (even if your 2.0 version is only glass) -- they both glisten in the sun!

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You are getting the smile that comes from knowing at least one person has read and liked your blog. My dogs listen to me when I rant. I get a great response. They give me hugs and lick my face. I don't need hugs and liked in the face - that would - well that would just be yucky. But that 1 like. I don't keep track, but when I don't see any or any comments. I think, well, this one didn't resonate with anyone.

Still love the new blogs you've written. Thank you Jelena!


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You never know, I still have several SDN t-shirts :-)

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I never really needed any drastic pointers, tips, messages, or training in order to use the heart icon on Twitter or Instagram, the Like button on LinkedIn, SAP Jam, or Facebook (and its associated emotional variants). Event the boring gray hyperlinks and buttons here in the community are not that difficult to click, even if the UX is less than stellar in comparison to the aforementioned social outlets. How and when people choose to use these feedback indicators cannot be coerced, and some people prefer to appreciate content indirectly (meaning no action is taken other than perhaps a smile on their face).

What all other social media platforms have that is missing here on the SAP Community is the ability to have transparency into who is providing this positive feedback. We are curious creatures, and inquiring minds want to know, but anonymity is what we are offered... How can you possibly grow your brand or people network if you don't have any clue as to who is benefiting from your content or genuinely taking action to appreciate your contributions?

Tweets and cross posting in other social outlets, along with emails, newsletters, etc. are all additional ways we have to draw attention to our valuable content, but at what point does the anonymity kill the buzz?

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Jeremy - I know you have to be thinking of a great blog to write. I'm waiting....

Anyway, I agree, in the other platforms. But in the other platforms it is so very easy to do. The button is RIGHT there. Like I said above. I sometimes forget to click that like. I suppose I could look and if more than one person landed on my page assume that they loved the blog. <HA!>

I also am wondering if it is as valuable as it seems. I rarely go back to one of my blogs unless someone has left a comment. So now, I'm trying. Not always succeeding n leaving a comment. A tip from Joachim Rees.

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We used to be able to see who liked our content on SCN in Jive. Yet another useful feature lost in migration and not replaced by anything more helpful or "cutting-edgy". To me, it helped to see if anyone other than "the SCN family" liked my content, it meant I was able to reach others, who don't know me personally.

Or in some cases I'd see a poorly written blog (usually in you know what space) with several likes and wonder why and who would like it. But the you could see those were just OP's SAP cronies. Come to think of it, maybe that's exactly why this feature is gone. ;)

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Self-plugging??? I read blogs. I like to read them, and I usually learn a ton. The like button. I <angry face inserted> hate it. It's in the wrong place. I leave comments and forget to push the stupid button. It's gotten so bad that I simply click like if I know it's from an author where I usually like their posts.

I forget more than I remember. And as a Blog writer - I do like that feedback. It's not what drives me. But it makes me think at least one person took a second and read by blog.

The insert at the bottom. :) Good idea. But I would probably see it often enough that I skip it.

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You're exactly right - the button is in a wrong place. Paul Hardy is the only author (so far!) who gets a Like from me before even reading. Other blogs frequently go like this: "oh, shoot, I forgot to like this, oh well, already shutting down PC, maybe tomorrow".

Considering that, OP's self-promo is in a wrong place too. Ironically. :)

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True, the comment should be at the end of the post. But then the Like button is not visible :(

I tried to embed the Like button into the comment, but I failed :(

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I've just noticed that the "self-promo" is actually both at the top and bottom. I guess that covers all the bases.

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I think I started this here (haha, self-promo again!):

I usually spend some time to promote my blogs. I noticed, that on LinkedIn or Facebook I can get around 30-40 likes, but here on SCN only a few. Not sure if that’s because the Like feature is not highlighted enough, but I thought this will encourage people to leave a small feedback. And when I publish something I like to know if that’s helpful or not.

Is it working? In my opinion it is. Will I continue to do that? I think so. Maybe something will change on the platform to encourage people to leave feedback (another mission?). Let’s see.

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Bartosz Jarkowski
Apr 25 at 04:04 PM

I would expect that the login challenges we face at times is partly to blame here. How annoying it is to press the 'Like' button and not see the heart or thumbs up icon appearing immediately, or to be told you need to login or register...

The old 5 star ratings thingy for blogs and Jive docs was also used previously, even if many people didn't offer a comment or any text, just clicking the rating was also another indication of appreciation.

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