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I am browsing discussions with specific tag and that is limited to certain number of posts until I get to "Show more" button. Great, I press on "Show More" and another N discussions are loaded, that I repeat maybe twice until finding an interesting subject line.

So, I click on that "interesting" post and read it and that is nothing special, so I want to get back and expect to get back to the exact same place that I left. Instead I am pushed to the very top of the list and need to press "Show More" buttons again and again to get back... :(

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5 days ago

2 tips:

Come more often to the community then you wont have the need to use the more button

Use the right mouse click and open the question in a new tab

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I think the issue is not relevant to the fact of how often one visits the comunity, you simply can be searching for something in any area different from your usual area of interests.

Opening dozens of new tabs and next closing them, yeahhh... a good workaround that rather sounds like an excuse.

Maybe that is exactly a sign of attitude that keeps the community struggling on getting back to the same level of activity?

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Paulo Vitoriano
5 days ago

Of course it is a workaround, but if you crashed your Ferrari and got a Cinquecento as replacement then you simply cant drive races.

Believe me, we pushed them hard over the last 18 month and something is on the way, just hope it is not just a Ferrari sticker to put on the Cinquecento.

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or at least a Cinquecento like this one

abarth-500.jpg (54.4 kB)
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