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​7 likes to Fame

Yay, I made most liked Blogs! (When do I get a badge for that! :-) ?)

Then again, this took only 7 likes, which is kind of scary: it means, if you have 8 friends/colleagues(/secondary users, /bots maybe?) here on SAP Community, you can get any one Blog featured on the front page.

I don't really remember, but back in SCN , there were much more likes given, right?


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Apr 12 at 12:25 PM

Pretty tough for the nerds who may only have themselfes as friend.

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Easy :) Just create 8 extra P-accounts for yourself!

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Are you saying I am a nerd? I am already older and could not remember 8 more email addresses

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Browser will remember the passwords!


For sure it's a joke, but...

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Just remember to call them "Guest"

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Well, you're already kinda famous. :)

"No, dude, YOU'RE famous!"

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I had the same thoughts this afternoon about my blog. It would be great if people contribute some artwork and have fun but it's very quiet. The same experience with my published ABAP tools. Maybe everyone has too much work at the moment to contribute something? I really don't know ...

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