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SAP Community to be closed soon

Today SAP announced its first bug free ERP system.

A breakthrough in Machine learning made it possible and SAP's first AI was able to rewrite the S4/HANA code in less than a week.

This success makes the traditional programmers look old.

HR Director Stefan Ries explains: Due to this happy circumstance it is possible to send the programmers into the well-deserved early retirement.

The successor of S4/HANA is named HA/L9000 as it still uses the HANA database and is meant as an allusion to founder Hasso Plattners career starting point.

It will also lead to a closure of the famous (referring to the years 2012-2016) SAP community, as an error free software does not need any discussion.

Already in 2017 the demand was low which lead to a reduction of tags from about 3000 down to 800. This will be reduced further the more HA/L9000 displaces its predecessors.

In continuation of the "Segments of One" approach HA/L9000 will no longer differentiate between women and men, and just use "Dear Sir, nice to see you again" as salutation after you logged in.

The new system is equiped with a licence free next generation help. What Alexa is for Amazon will be "The GURU" for HA/L9000.

Instead of pressing F1 you only grumble "Sh*t" into the microphone of your PC, notebook or smartphone to start the Guru. No screenshots or message numbers required, GURU knows already the mistake before you make it.

HA/L9000 has actually its origin in the community. The machine learning program used SCN to learn from. SAP is now in negotiations with OED as the launch of HA/L9000 requires some minor changes to the vocabulary: "Career" shall be replaced with "Carrier" and "quantity" becomes "qunatity".

These negotiations will probably take the whole year which will delay the launch to April 1 next year.

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