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In case you missed it, a new Privacy Setting went live today...and you need to do something about it!

As @Catherine LaCroix shared in her blog post, a new Privacy Setting appeared in your Account Settings today. Here's a handy infographic to help you understand the change, what's required of you, and the consequences of opting in vs. out. Be sure to check out the post for all the details!

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Mar 29 at 01:26 AM edited Mar 29 at 01:29 AM

Catherine should update the blog with this graphic

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Yes, and in my opinion there are some important questions to be clarified as well

But let's continue the discussion at the original post...

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> let's continue the discussion at the original post...

...including the effects of "guestification" for those accounts that (inevitably) will not be updated...

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adding it now

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Great graphic :)

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Great idea ;)

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