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Profile Photo Update Proliferation

Hi All,

You may have noticed a lot of clutter in your activity stream lately about changes to people's profile pics.

Yes, we're aware of it. And, yes, we're aware that it's annoying.

We are working to take care of the problem and we'll announce here when it's resolved. We also started a thread, as we realize people might report this as a bug. So we want to get out the information via the Using tag too.

Thanks for your understanding.

And, hey, look on the bright side... we rolled out missions and badges today! Lots of hard work by Caroleigh Deneen, Sajid Amir, and the members of our Reputation Advisory Group (you know who you are) to finally make that happen! See Caroleigh's blog post for more details.

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Mar 28 at 09:52 PM

It seems that those updates happen like flash mobs

I saw this only on March 28 and again today.

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Hi, Juergen:

That should have been turned off. Are you saying that your activity stream is full of avatar updates?


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yes, this is what I am saying

and this what I am seeing

avatarchanges.png (89.3 kB)
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OK, thanks for confirming, Juergen. This should have been resolved. We're looking into it.

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I hadn't actually noticed, but 3 hours ago the photo mob was quite evident -- perhaps a system job @ 9AM EDT? Easy enough to see if you filter your activity feed to just profile updates, and since it only appears to be people I am following, the issue is amplified accordingly.

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OK, I got confirmation that this was a one-time issue.

Sorry for the spamming. It shouldn't occur again.


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