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Wonder if SAP Community is the only place concerned about Engagement?

Our very own (SAP) Sylwia Ganiec is the AnswerHub Admin for the SAP Hybris wiki which is a standard implementation of AH. She has posted Questions and Blogs as well as white papers on the DZone website. Her latest writing is 5 Community Engagement Tips. A lot of it will seem familiar to us.

Anyone think we ought to get her to post some of her thoughts on AH features that she finds critical to the success of the hybris wiki?

Cheers, Mike

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Mar 28 at 03:13 PM

Thanks for sharing those valuable insights!

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Thanks Michael Appleby for introducing my post to the SAP Community members!

One more comment from my side: I do administrate the SAP Hybris Wiki, but this article refers to my another role, the admin & community manager for the SAP Hybris Experts, the community.

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I imagine that keeps you pretty busy! Perhaps we should ask you to sit in on our next Moderator Roundtable or Council meeting? I will check with the CE folks.

Thanks, Mike

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I would be honored.

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