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Just saw this in my Activity stream:

Have I missed an announcement?

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Mar 28 at 08:38 AM

And now this:

I'm starting to feel left out... :-)

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click your avatar and find a new missions entry in the menu

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Thank you!

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While the entry is there (after opting out to some new Cookies and a separate login to, it does not Show any missions in the list ("my missions").

Are there any entries at your account?

Update: after liking your entry and commenting on it (don't know what triggered it) some missions do now show up in my missions list.

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Spread the news that people only get to the missions if they like a reply from me ;-)

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Worked for me at least...

Question becomes : does it work only with Jurgen's posts ? ;-)

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No. You can like one of my blog posts and then you get the access to the secret area! ;-)

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Argh, the secret area of SDN, I'm tempted.

But I'm stronger than that. I will wait for the next SP ;-)

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I can see 4 missions in my profile:

1. Blogger

2. Hello World! (with a link to Navigating Blogger Levels in the New SAP Community)

3. Ripple Effect (...a rippling effect on the community when you publish a blog post.)

4. Solver

First 3 missions are somehow related to blogging and only last mission is related to answering questions, even "Hello World!" is about blogging!

Still marketing "more blogs" goal???

missions.png (42.2 kB)
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I have those 4 as well, and an additional (allready "earned") one name "Member of the Month 2017".

And I saw Jamie Cantrell has a "SAP TechEd 2017 Attendee Barcelona"-one.

Nice to see missions back!

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Wait, Jamie Cantrell has an "attended TechEd 2107" badge and I don't? Now I'm *really* starting to feel left out...;-)

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an "attended TechEd 2107" badge

Well, that's still an upcoming mission, AFAIK.

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Steve, which TechEd did you attend? I can check it out.

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Barcelona - the same one as Jamie:-)

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Check now:)

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That's too funny!

After noticing that there are no missions available for me (thanks for the "motivation"), although I surely have participated in Q&A, I checked the rules for the "Onboarding" missions and tried to navigate to the "Role Overview" there, because that's what I'm expected to do. And now I see:

No, I'm not really looking for anything.

But it seems it's still SAP who are on a mission... – and the "Solver" badge has yet to be earned.

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Interesting! On the Onboarding page the link Role Overview results in "Not Found"

On the "My missions" page the same link Role Overview is navigating to Navigating Blogger Levels in the New SAP Community

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Now I'm wondering whether this is part of an all-too-clever mission, and I'm just too dumb?

(No need to answer that one, folks, that won't get you another badge...)

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In "My Missions: I can see the link:

Redirected to:

And yes, on Onboarding the link is incorrect due to incorrect date!

But anyway, how "Hello World" is related to blogging requirements???

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Hello World relates to blogging requirements in that it also triggers the role change from subscriber to contributor. This is only for those who do not already have contributor or author status. Authors and contributors roles are not affected by completing Hello World. And those who already have those roles do not need to complete the mission to keep them.

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Sorry, but do you think that the first mission for the new user is to become a blogger??? Or... more blogs...

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Hi Steve, all, yes missions are coming of the shadows! Announcement will be posted soon. We're holding off because we know have an issue with refreshing the My Missions page if you are on the Available or Earned tab. Want to fix that first (and the link on Hello World description).

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I noted this morning about that. Really nice to have the missions back!!! I think the community will back to be engaged again.

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Going again through the "Blogger" mission makes no sense if you already have several blogs published...

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Whenever I follow the "My Missions" link from the avatar pop-up (to this page -, I keep getting this:

Is it possible to stop this happening? I've not seen it before on Community pages.

(Actually I hate these things in general, and would love to stop it on *all* SAP pages, but that's a different discussion...:-)

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LOL, at least we're all on a "have fun" mission:)

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Is there a badge for that?

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I think so, it's called "Goodbye World!", but you can only get it after liking my upcoming first blog. Still TBD.

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Maybe what you want to have is a browser-addon like uMatrix! SAP (and other sites) is trying to track us with a lot of 3rd-Party resources, which these addons can block (without breaking the functionality).

[I'd like to provide a Screenshot, but currently the upload doesn’t seem to work for me :-( ]


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If you go to a country homepage other than the US one (like the UK homepage -, the avatar pop-up menu doesn't have the "my missions" entry.

I guess this and my previous comment should be posted elsewhere, but since there's no official announcement yet, and since Caroleigh Deneen is here already, maybe this will do?

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Hi Steve, The update to the avatar menu on the country sites is in the works. Thank you for noting it. We were able to resolve the issue with the My Missions reload, so I have posted an announcement about mission go-live here:

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Hi Steve Rumsby, My Missions (or the translated equivalent) has been added to the avatar flyout menu on the country sites. You should see it now from the UK home page ( and others.

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I have also experienced this in some early testing - it seems very much tied to the inconsistent single sign-on problems we have been experiencing since the launch. You can have your avatar in the header after forcing a login, but going to another community area may or may not show your picture, and the 'My Missions' seems to only appear (rightfully so) when it confirms you are actually logged in (which is not always reflected in the appearance of your avatar or other user menu items).

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