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Wouldn't it be good, if..?

I apologize if the pictures take up loads of space in some kind of list somewhere...

Wouldn't it be good, if..? :) Is it worth posting an idea for this?


scnlayout-pano.png (143.4 kB)
scnlayout-pano1.png (505.5 kB)
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Oct 29, 2016 at 07:18 AM edited Oct 29, 2016 at 11:00 AM

And another one, where I just don't understand why the orange space remains unused (or what it could possibly be reserved for):

scnlayout5.png (173.9 kB)
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So I did read this part of Oliver Kohl's comment

If a user decides to cover his HD screen completely with web site content, then this is up to him/her. For content reading it is definitely better to have more narrow columns, as this is easier for the eye to perceive.

and made the browser window to cover somewhat less than right half of my HD screen, so the stuff looks like this:

Nothing obvious to complain about, actually... But when I try to pull the left border of the browser window literally just another millimeter to the left (with the intention of making it cover little bit more -- about half -- of the screen), suddenly this happens:

That can't possibly be designer's intent, can it?

(Chrome at 100% zoom, 1920x1080 screen resolution)

scnlayout6.png (111.1 kB)
scnlayout7.png (106.9 kB)
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I love NYT website. Even LinkedIn while wastes tons of space is not as annoying:

image.jpg (66.7 kB)
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In retrospect, I could have formulated "my problem" without all the silly pictures, because it's right in front of eyes anyway: comments/answers (at first hierarchy level) use the whole width of the "content area", but the Question/Discussion itself - doesn't, because up to 1/3 of "content area" is taken up by vertically aligned, right floating "avatar"+"statistics"+"post-tools" block.

I'm dilettante in this stuff and probably there is reasonable explanation why the layout has to be the way it is.

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