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Favourite SAP Note

Today, during my evening with SCN I found this question:

STMS Job RDDIMDP not triggering automattically (...)

The SAP Note I suggested to use was last updated 20 years ago! In my opinion, it's still valid even it was written for release 2.X (I need to get the installs somewhere :) )

That made me think, which SAP Note is the most important? The one that all consultants\users(?) should know? Favourite? comment pointed me to this one:

83020 - What is consulting - What is support?

What would be your choice?

I went further and I started looking for the first SAP Note. When I configure the OSS connection I usually test it by downloading SAP Note 1 .

But that doesn't look like a real note. It's more like a support message attached to a ticket or maybe is it a response template?

A few moments later I found SAP Note 27 - Recommendations for the ABAP file interface . This looks like a real one! Firstly released on 20.09.1992 (should we call it World SAP Note Day?).

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Mar 01 at 12:03 AM edited Mar 01 at 10:07 AM

Scored these two classics a couple of times in Customer Incidents. Rage level 10/10.

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Doesn't SAP Note 12 says your problem is resolved?

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Got the first one, too. One time. And it was not an issue with "not included in the SAP standard", it was something that should work, because otherwise it wouldn't make much sense. I remember they suggested moving it over to consulting (meaning = pay for this to work).

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this. exactly.

12 = go get a consultant or solve it yourself

11 = our "solution" is --> go get a consultant or solve it yourself

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Well, then I don't understand why SAP has ever had the need to publish further SAP Notes – doesn't that solve all cases?

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Might as well just smack you in the face. :( I didn't get those so far but "what is consulting" is usually one of the first cards played by the support.

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got note 12 when they said it'll get fixed in next release

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I have a few favorites...

has a Solution of pray, utilise the note, which is good SAP advice in general. The note 1689771 - SCC1 : incorrect status used to have the same wording (see version 1) a quite reasonable request, but they do (or did) things different in HANA
Once the flower starts to spin use the four-key combination ctrl-shift-alt-p

What happens if you press the magic combo before the flower starts spinning ?

What is the risk of the spinning flower mesmerizing you ?

Of course, these are more about language issues in translating German to English.

  • A more realistic note might be:

330437 - Rollback Method 5 "Employee Start Date" not working

Reason and Prerequisites
Bad Coding... 
Good Coding...
Another symptom is the person doing the installing is normally feeling very stressed and very tired, or at least I was ;-)

cheers !!

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Oh my, you've found some real winners Martin English . Kudos!

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My favorites are, of course, "shorry, couldn't make it" ones. :)

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I fount this one interesting

171356 - SAP Software on Linux: General information


Due to technical restrictions, this SAP Note had to be closed.
Refer to SAP Note 2369910 instead.

Due to technical restrictions, this SAP Note had to be closed.
Refer to SAP Note 2369910 instead.

Same solution 2 times :(

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With every repetition it works better :-)

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