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[Status Update] Wondering where in the world are the @SAPCommunity twitter account followers

One of my favourite things about this SAP Community is the worldwide nature of it. In that you can have interactions with people from all over the world on the shared topic of SAP technology. SAP is a worldwide company and that in itself is a pretty amazing achievement from my point of view. So it is good to know SAP have this site where we can come together from all parts of the world to share in a collective whinge about SAP software! :) In all seriousness though with so many self centred activities ongoing in many counties (trying not to get too political) it’s good to know people from all over the world can work on common shared issues.

The fact SAP is a world wide company also sometimes fits into my interest in maps…..

Over the weekend just gone I found myself setting an objective to try and map the followers of the @SAPCommunity twitter account with the help of the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira (old 1.31 version).

I knew pretty early that the data quality of the location details of all the followers was really poor. In that almost 32,000 accounts out of the 81,000 or so followers do not even list a location. My chosen method to geocode(map) the locations that were available was with SAP Lumira and city names. Out of the 17,000 entries Lumira picked out 1,400 cities to put on a map and that didn’t seem that promising when I initially saw that result. In the end however the map that was generated felt worthwhile (to me anyway :)) as it indicated the worldwide nature of the SAP Community.

I ended up with this map.

I picked on some individual accounts in Belarus and India to cross check (as I know there may well be some errors in the data for the map). The checks were ok but I have not analysed it further.

I picked on Belarus as that was the top country for average points per contributor and India is a powerhouse in the SAP world, as per my earlier blog for SDN points…

Hello to you wherever you are in the world :)

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Feb 26 at 11:05 PM

Would you mind sharing the dataset? ��

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Don't mind at all - it's here as a Google Sheet CSV file

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This looks like a bona fide blog. Why don't you post it in Using SAP tag? Time to work on our Karma points. Rumours are they're going to be converted into the tickets for a cruise on Hasso Plattner's boat.

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No karma for blogs. :P

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SAP has a bit of history with boats... (i.e. Hasso mooned the tender, not Larry's yacht)

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Wow, thanks for posting this! So many words about "I did not moon Larry" but the fact that mooning anyone is not an acceptable behavior (especially for a person of such stature) seems to fly over his head. :) Oh well...

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