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Does anyone have any screenshots of the activity stream on the old SCN?

I'm feeling nostalgic!

No, actually I want to compare it to the current one to see if I can figure out what aspects of each I like/dislike. I never did a side-by-side comparison during the beta.

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Oct 26, 2016 at 09:58 PM

*salt in my wounds* Thanks Steve! -.-

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Sorry, but I do find that I have to force myself to come here now whereas before it was the first thing I wanted to do in the morning when I got to the office. I'd like to figure out why, and UX is part of it I'm sure.

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I miss my activity stream so much, it hurts to be reminded of what we lost. *sniff*

At least we have a workaround for the status updates here, but yesterday I un-followed the portal main tag, because so many people add it to content my AS is no use at all. And since I see my own activity in it, too, I miss so much other content, because I'm too lazy to scroll through several pages. So I just don't use it at the moment.

I check CC directly and the q&a tag pages directly and react to notifications, if I see the yellow thingy.

But I remember the old activity stream was a wonderful thing. So much content, neatly ordered. Those were the times... *sigh*

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It reminds me of a song:

I miss those times
I miss those days
When you were around
So many ways
And it felt so safe
And I was glad
But now something's changed
Makes me sad ...

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... and I miss Spaces :( Activity in the domains I followed (and moderated) has dropped more than 90%! (sniff)

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I can't estimate how much the activity dropped in SD, because now you cannot even see all questions per tag...

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Well, you do as I do: going tag by tag :) Which brings me to this idea I recently published

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At the moment here Tag: SD (Sales and Distribution) I can see only 8 questions due to some technical problems. The metadata link shows 81, which might be close to the actual number (we share these with other former spaces), but considering the amount of bugs in this site - you cannot be sure... It seems, we get 10-15% of the questions that we had before... probably less.

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SD is still in 'good' position then... Assets shows 9 questions, CO - 38 and FI - 32.

In my estimations that's about 3% of former activity in these domains :(

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I use this link and I see 73 unanswered questions. Seems accurate to me, there has been very little activity. Usually in SD I'd find a full page of unanswered questions, now it's just a few.

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new community site stats show same number of views as before, there was a slight drop first 2 days, and then back to average.....

At least that's what we were told.

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Well, I won't argue with official statistics! Though, as Churchill once said: 'I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself' :)

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You can't compare the platforms on page views or bounce rate, because they function differently.

Page views - you may be right, if you count page refresh as a page view, plus going through hoops (more pages) to hunt for content.

Bounce rate... first you need to get to the content before you bounce :)

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Of course, check here, and cry. ;)

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Thank you!

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I did not have enough activity in Beta to test this. When you have just 5 items it looks OK.

I don't have a screenshot but in the old activity stream at least the social activity "so-and-so is now following...", "so-and-so liked..." was presented in more compact way. Now if someone liked a comment the whole comment appears in my stream in huge letters.

Also we were able to "like" stuff right from the activity stream and we can't now.

And there was always a line separating old and new items which was quite helpful. Although now I never get that far since I give up after scrolling 3 times. :(

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