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Random coffee

Perfectly suitable subject. :) I found this article through a random LinkedIn notification and thought #randomcoffee was a really great idea:

TLDR version of the article: employees of a large company get matched randomly (blind date style) and have a coffee (or other beverage) together. Phase 3: profit. :)

As someone who changed jobs from a 100-people office where I knew almost everyone to a place where buildings have numbers I can relate. At the new hire orientation I met a few people with completely different jobs and it was very interesting to talk to them.

And wouldn't it be a good idea for TechEd or any other large SAP event? Maybe #randomlunch? Many people don't have any company at the event and even at the networking dinner there is not much socialization.

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Feb 19 at 04:19 PM

There was nothing random about our lunch encounter in Vegas :)

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We had something like that in Walldorf SAP office a few years ago. Not sure they still do this, but it’s probably better suited for a convention-kind of gathering.

Maybe they can re-use the solution they used back then.

Good idea!

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I would think it might work. It would have to take into account our schedules. Then there are times when it goes longer - they take the speaker and ask questions after.

But if I knew I was meeting someone - I'd be there. Now it becomes a question of logistics. Where to meet? It's crazy at lunch.

I'd think a SIT would be a great place to do it. Perhaps an ASUG event?

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This TechEd the floorplan layout was quite generous and I found that the ASUG / Mentor booth area was not as crowded as in the past years. It was all the way to the back though and quite a hike from the lunch area downstairs or the sessions. But it was also more quiet.

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Yes - but I meant trying to find your lunch buddy.... Where to meet? I think it's a great idea! Just not sure how it would work. Yes, I really liked the layout last year.

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Matthias Steiner - perhaps something to consider for the TechEd event mobile app? I always liked the agenda/speaker element for discovering subject matter experts and topics, so perhaps a coffee/lunch encounter feature could be factored into it.

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Craig Cmehil - something to consider.

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Consider it being considered :-)

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