[Discussion] What's something common in SAP that many people don't know?

Hi All

In hopes of a bit more variety in my activity stream (most is new community is bad), I thought a bit of time wastage for tips and tricks for SAP.

So, here's the "game": What's something easy/obvious/useful/etc that you can do in SAP that many people don't realise. Since we're all experts in different areas you might need to explain a little. I can image we'll all learn a lot

You might need to add release/platform depending on your scenario

Simple one for security is that you can get to the personnel Id or add to relationship via SU01. So in HR security we have to map SU01 User Master to Personnel Record (PA30 Infotype 0105 subtype 0001). You can get to this via SU01 > Environment > Organisational Assignment. From there you can drill into position or personnel record.

Who's next?



My first Coffee Corner post :)

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Oct 26, 2016 at 11:19 AM

I always like to share this neat feature Paint away your SAP Systems! and Changing Your SAP GUI Colours

There are still people who don't know about it. Of course this only works with the Enjoy Theme and if you have permissions to change it. ^^

PS: Good to see you around, Colleen. :)

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I think this is an obscure one that not a lot of people know about.

Instead of using a menupath e.g. from any screen
System-->Services-->Jobs-->Job overview

You can simply first do CTRL+ / to go to the command field and then type a dot followed by the letters who are underscored in the menupath, so in this case


To be fair I ever only use this in 1 place whenever I have to put a lot of methods in SWO1 to implemented .erbi

cheers, Rob Dielemans

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Old Windows memories come up. ALT + underlined letter... *sigh*

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no that's cool - esp when you forget your mouse and stuck using laptop one whilst remote desktopping (bad screen resolutions)

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Colleen, I love that one! Thank you, I didn't know that, and I go back and forth between SU01 and PA20 all the time. Now if it would just drill into PPOSE instead of PP01....

So, here's one. When using the F4 search in a field, oftentimes you can save time by entering "=" in the field following by initial characters you are looking for. What's more, you can set initial characters of multiple fields by separating them with "."

For example, in PA20, in the Person ID field, the first and second fields in the search help are "Last name" and "First name." So, if you enter "=fra.m" in the Person ID field and hit Enter, you'll get a search results list of those people whose last name starts with "Fra" and whose first initial is "M." If there's only a single hit, it will just be entered into the field without showing a search hit list.

In SU01, the first field in the search help is User, followed by Last name, then First name. However, for some odd reason it works differently here (some sort of hidden first field? not sure). Enter "=.m.f" and you get the users whose username starts with M and last name starts with F. Make it "=.m.f.m" and now you also restrict it to those whose first name starts with m. Or "=..f.m" and you skip the username restriction and just search by last and first names.

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Hi Matt

yep, it's amazing how simply things are that we don't check. Up there with a bunch of netweaver menus that have been added to SPRO over the years but am used to accessing a different way

Must admit, PPOSE/PPOME transaction confuse me. I usually end up hitting the tables. If not, I go to PA20 Infotype 0001 and double-click on the employee's position to bring up that part of the org structure. PP01 is my simple friend when assigning Roles to Position or checking Financial Authority (infotype 1010)

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We couldn't figure out for a long time why our HR group kept mis-assigning positions, whether to people or to orgs, etc. Finally we realized they were not using PPOSE, but only PP01, and so they had no "big picture" view of what was going on. That's make it easy to make mistakes. I spend a lot of time in PPOSE, and you can drill from there into PP01 and PA20 as needed. It's not perfect, but it really helps to have the graphical overview of the organizational hierarchy.

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I thought they'd be in pa40 performing an action. I guess the drill down is for security to get to roles or attributes on positions and not org structure

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When you exceed the maximum number of sessions in SAP GUI, you can execute transaction WEBGUI and get one more.

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however, you need to have an authorization for that

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a lot of the tips and tricks usually rely on security

It'll be interesting to see what ones are shared that turn into a debate as to whether it's a bug or a feature and the risk of using it

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I like the /nex

it closes all sessions at once. time to go home :)

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I like it too. And I only lost my changes once so far (it does not prompt to save like normal closing). :) Fair tradeoff for all the time it saved me over the years.

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If a program runs in a background job, you can navigate to the ABAP code from the job step list (menu Goto -> Program). This comes in handy in some PRD systems where you don't have SE38/SE80 access.

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I use variants link when checking data issues

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