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Newbie blogger question: When is it worthwhile to turn a Q&A into a Blog post?

Hi Folks,

are there any rules or recommendations for when it could be worthwhile to turn what started out as a question into a blog post or is this basically up to our own "hunch"?

And a related questions: Does it much matter regarding search results if the interesting stuff is part of a discussion or if it has its own blog post? Over the years I got some really helpful answers from the community but am a bit hesitant to just go ahead and recreate - basically duplicate - them as blog posts.

To me - and possibly others - it would be helpful to for example get some encouragement via comments on a discussion (like this one from Iftah) to get a better handle on what is deemed blog-post-worthy. This should make it easier to then actually jump into the blogging side of the SAP community.



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Feb 14 at 11:49 AM

Hi Bärbel

I've done what you describe a couple of times. In those cases, I felt the question was interesting, and that the answer merited a level of detail, that suited a blog post better. It might also be the case that the answer is a special case of a more general principle, that you can then write a blog about.

I would say go with your own hunch; you can't do anything wrong, really.



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Hi Bärbel,

I just saw your blog and had earlier already seen the question on the same topic - but this was a coincidence. Usually, I would only have noticed the topic once it became a blog post, as I consume way more blogs than questions/answers. So from my consumer point of view the answer to "When is it worthwhile to turn a Q&A into a Blog post?" is (close to) always! :-)

> Over the years I got some really helpful answers from the community but am a bit hesitant to just go ahead and recreate - basically duplicate - them as blog posts.

If you have the time, please do so!


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Agree with Morten and Joachim that you've probably come to a logical tipping point for jumping into the blogging side :) Reference the Q&A in your blog post, amend the Q&A with the link to your blog, and pay appropriate tribute to the helpful participants with 'at mentions'. This will turn what can be a very challenging or fragmented article to read into a true asset. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to pay it forward for future members arriving at either object from a search, and you have the ability to offer better formatting with a blog, a more cohesive flow, and add a story that reflects your personal observations and experiences, which may not have come through in the Q&A where many times it's all about getting the answer and moving on.

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Hi, Bärbel:

With all of the great advice here already from some pretty prolific bloggers (including Joachim Rees, whose contributions earned him Member of the Month exactly one year ago!), there isn't much more I can add. One suggestion (if you haven't done so): Visit the About the Community section for pages with tips for participating in the community. The blogs page might be especially helpful.

Looking forward to seeing your byline more often in the community!

Best regards,


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Hey Jerry,

thanks for the mention! Wow, is it really a year already since we talked for MoM?! Time goes by fast!

Great that @mentions work now, but I know in this case I don't need to @mention you as

1. I reply directly to your comment, so you'll get a notification

2. You read everything in CoffeeCorner (and more) anyway! :-)

-> Seems I did learn a little on how things work in that year :-)



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Joachim Rees
6 days ago

I know! I went to grab the link to your interview and I was shocked to see it was a year ago.

Fun fact: You were the last Member of the Month to do a video interview, so your place in community history is assured. ;-)


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This seems like a great occasion to pimp my LI blog. It's about writing a book but applies to the blogs too and just writing in general. Some hardcore inspirational stuff. :)

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Jelena Perfiljeva
6 days ago

Well, I can't access it :-( (no, I don't use linkedin, and don't plan to).
How about crossposting ist here?

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Well, I can, although I don't use LinkedIn, either - so am I suppoed to spoil now?..:)

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Hm, it's a public article, not restricted to LI users... Could it be some kind of firewall issue? I know in my old job I sometimes could not access LI from the office network for some reason.

Can you see my profile on LI? The article can be navigated to from the profile too, like SCN blogs.

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Jelena Perfiljeva
6 days ago

Nice LI blog-post, Jelena (which I could access without logging in)!

I do have some blog posts "under my belt" but in a totally different field (climate science). So I can relate to various of the points you bring up, like wondering if anybody will read it and learning a lot on the fly while putting the article together.

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I'll have to go and read the other blogs now, some good stuff there! You should totally post about this on SCN too. Would be much better than most blogs in "the space we don't speak of" anyway.

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