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[Status update] Waiting for an export to finish and "enjoying" all this white space with my shiny new 27'' monitor...

Oh boy, I kind of want a second screen for SCN now. I mean... this is what I look at now:


Maybe I'll use the space left and right for some post-its? Or a lot of them...

screenshot425.jpg (103.9 kB)
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Feb 13 at 03:23 PM

Is it one of those monitors you can rotate? A really tall thin monitor is perfect for SCN... :-)

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Just tried it. Nope, it's not. I guess switching between screens would be a lot of manual work, rotating the monitor all the time. :D

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UI is designed for every possible available monitor in market. Sometimes when you have laptop which is between 14" to 17" and working without external monitory you will like to have white spaces. :)

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Isn't this "responsive design" all the rage now? I think some years ago we already had websites that adjusted to different resolutions. ;)

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Well change is coming soon as below... For now we need to live with what we have.

Image taken from :

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Yogesh beat me to it. I hope a lot of these complaints will be addressed with the new design.


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I can do nothing more than to wait. Aaaaand point out that my screenshot could look similar if I just snapshotted everything under the menu and not the whole screen. ^^

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Not sure it will be solved. At least no screenshots to proof :)

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Mate, everyone does that!

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How can you tell what was the resolution of the device that was used for the preview?

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I am optimistic.

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This argument is not valid, here is why:
A and B are propositions which are assumed to be true for the purpose of the discussion.
A. The current site design wastes a lot of horizontal and vertical space and is not optimized for big high resolution screens.
B. The design will change at some point in the future.

Test of conclusion C: The situation of A will improve.

There are two more possible states for A: 1) remain the same and 2) become worse.
Currently there is not enough information to eliminate 1) or 2) by adding propositions.
According to the definition of argument validity an argument is valid if it is impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion to be false. :)

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I'm sorry but even the new screenshot looks just as wasteful and hard to read.

And no, "responsive design" does not have to mean cr*p.

As proof I offer exhibit A: SAP Answers and PHPBB on my 15" MacBook:

I see 5 questions arranged as a jumble of styles and sequential writing.

I see a list of 19 questions. Wonderful!

Exhibit B: The same on my iPhone 6:

[edit: platform chokes on too many images, see next post]

I don't see the 'redesign' improving the part that bothers me most. There is more information on the side, which is nice, but not the stuff I use most often.

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Meh, it's taken half an hour of fighting with the platform to do something as simple as putting more than one pic into a piece or writing and I have given up on my previous comment and posting the remaining pics here. I really really really dislike this stupid platform.

Anyway, here are the iPhone 6 versions of the same pages as my previous comment:

Responsive and information-rich. The iPhone version is a bit reminiscent of the original SCN.

img-6676.jpg (39.4 kB)
img-6675.jpg (64.5 kB)
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...and this is what I'm looking at on my glorious 24-incher:

scn.jpg (149.6 kB)
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Strangely enough I noticed only now that the comments have a different background than the first post. oO

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Hm, I guess we can't complain about the "white space" anymore. Because it's beige! Touché, SAP. :)

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Problem solved, easy as pie!

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What white space? This is what it looks like on my brandnew 800x600 display - keeps my focussed:)

scnwhatspace.png (87.4 kB)
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Yep, that's what I see on the laptop screen as well. Full glory.

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I still see lots of wasted space, so can we assume this is designed for 640x480 ?
maybe we should pitch in and buy designer non-CRT LED monitor with at least 1080p ?

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Oddly enough - your whitespace shown is actually more like one of the Shades of Gray. The blogs are showing a much higher saturation of whitespace today (since Steffi Warnecke has her color wheel avatar, I just couldn't resist chiming in on this colorful debate, LOL).

whitespace.jpg (16.2 kB)
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Error messages can't get enough of white space. ^^

And yeah, it's more like "grey space". But I thought "white space" stood for "unused space" here.

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Gray/Grey, Color/Colour, Tomato/Tomatoe, Potato/Potatoe --> just having a bit of fun with sarcasm and a play on words.

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I didn't mean to correct you. ;)


I just meant, that I always thought about the white space as "white" space... the color. But now I'm really confused, because it's indeed not white, but greyish. So now "white space" means "unused space" for me, because I can't image everyone else using the term in regard to SCN having the same issue as me (being somewhat color blind to anything not looking like a rainbow). *g*

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I worked on a project where they used the term "Whitespots" to mean functional gaps.

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I recorded the demo on a 24” screen with 1024x768 res.

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Resolution based on LCD monitor size

Monitor sizeRecommended resolution (in pixels)

19-inch standard ratio LCD monitor

1680 × 1050

24-inch widescreen LCD monitor

1920 × 1200
magoo.png (335.6 kB)
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Yes, but it's not standard practice to record video at 1920x1200 resolution (which is what I use my monitors at). It creates scrolling issues for those using smaller monitors.

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1024x768 px... I think I had that on my 17'' a few years back. ^^


Since a lot of complaining is about the white space, don't you think it would have been better to show at least some screenshots with a "normal" resolution. The way it's going now, you can't really win, because your demo promised something you guys are not going to deliver. ;)

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well that looks like the source of this whole design debacle.... if all presentations to stake holders are done on this resolution, results are predictable.

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Thanks for the reply...

For example this is what I see..

24-inch widescreen LCD monitor 1920 × 1200


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Just need to be a little more creative until the new design:-)

unbenannt.jpg (511.1 kB)
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Florian Henninger
Feb 16 at 09:21 PM

Not really a synonym for 'white space' but 'consistently inconsistent' might be a better caption for your creative screen captures.

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for sure... on the other hand, I really have complaint a lot about the white space and today I have to say, within blogs it is ok for me, only on the overview pages I would like to see more topics at the same time, or even some different (userindividual) "Tags" (spaces and places) at the same time.

Right now I tried it a while so. The screen doesn't show exactly how I handle it. Most of the time I have 3 open and have the overview pages.

Then I open the interesting blogs / questions as new tabs and afterwards maximize these and do what I do...

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