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What's the purpose of "Find Discussions"?

"Find Discussions" field takes a large chunk of screen real estate but what is it for exactly? We have tons of discussions that start with [Status Update] but if I type exactly that in that field the results are rather puzzling:

The top items are some random archived questions. The most confusing one is "Search: ...". Uhm, and what am I doing? "Finding"? Certainly not. :)

And why would I add question while searching for a discussion?

It seems completely useless to me, so why not just remove it and have more space on screen?

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Feb 09 at 11:00 PM

The other Jelena asked a similar question last year (How frequently do you use "Find Discussions" on top of CC screen?). Maybe you can follow the solution she chose...

The search feature that is delivered by AnswerHub is useless, possibly bugged and a UX fail (on top of that - the quality of search results has never been satisfactory).

I used the same term as in your screenshot and depending on how I trigger the search - by selecting the search option from the drop-down or by pressing enter/selecting the magnifier icon I end up with a different set of results. In the first case - 39 results ([Status%20Update] ), with the second option 3880 results ( ).

Even produces better results:[Status%20Update]%22&n=1&p=default&repo=srh&f=TYPE%3Adiscussion%2BUPDATED_TIMESTAMP%3Aafter-date~2016-10-10

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Thank you! Ah, that explains it. I just blocked it and forgot about it, doh! Now new laptop and this feels like a problem again.

As a side note, the amount of items that were reported but never addressed seems to be quite alarming...

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In the new design we will have a space reduction for this search section in Coffee Corner. However it is still in the works to overall improve the search experience inside the community...

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I honestly do not understand why SAP still invests in "search improvements". In 2009, I already wrote that SAP should just fold it and plug in Google search on SCN. It's been 8 years and it's still not as good as Google! And most likely it will never be. Just let it go already, spend resources on something else.

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The main valid use case for working on search features instead of relying on Google is SAP notes, which IMHO is quite decent (I refer to Expert Search for My SAP Notes & KBA app).

It is sad that the SC(N) team does not take the lessons learned on features and usability from SAP One Support Launchpad project...

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