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[Status update] I miss the old SCN

I read the Matt's comment, and I'd like to quote (sorry that this "editor" do not have quote tag, so I used "code" tag):

"I saw Oliver Kohl a few weeks ago, and the man looks tired. He and the rest of the crew are working hard to make this platform and this community the best it can be. (...) Do I believe that Oliver and Jamie and Audrey and all the crew are working as hard as they can to resolve bugs and improve functionality? Yes. Yes, I do."

Well... sorry about Oliver, and all SAP team if they were tired.

I really miss the old SCN. Now I want to learn something new with my favorite SCN site... and I can't. I'm lost. I do not know where I have to go... I went to and I did not know it I saw people I followed, or content, or questions, or blogs, or comments, or... What a hell!

I have to go to Quora, or similar places to satiate my hunger for knowledge. Read on innovation elsewhere. Do you have any idea what they have taken from us?

I'm very disappointed. And I do not want the moderators (volunteers) jump answering me that instead of criticizing should try to encourage others to participate, already did my homework (search in my profile if you can), I created some posts trying to guide for others to find the "spaces" to publish their doubts and questions.

This is a "status update". Nothing more, nothing less.

A hug from Argentina.

PS: still missing the Spanish space (that) taken from us, we feel discriminated. And yes! I've already posted an IDEA about this.

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  • Oct 25, 2016 at 09:48 PM

    Yep. This is supposed to be "SAP Community" but definitely feels less of a "community" to me than SCN was.

    Not sure if you remember the migration from SDN to SCN back in 2011-2012. We lost some features at that time but also gained some that contributed to the overall community feel. I used to think that status updates ("SCN twitter" as we used to call them) were stupid. Few years later I'm signing a petition to keep them alive on New SCN .

    We also gained @-mention and it is gone.

    We had a home page with top liked, Mentor posts and other featured content. I remember after the SDN->SCN migration I used to visit home page to see if Mark Yolton posted another blog that I'd need to criticize. :) (If anything, we were united by our non-acceptance of New SCN.) This is no longer available either.

    This feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back.

    • Oct 26, 2016 at 12:05 PM

      Yes, I do remember the last migration (read announcement And I immortalized the comments from a lot of people, talking about that migration.

      I quoted some of them here:


      Rick Bakker said:


      • worked in Chrome and IE
      • showed a list of the 50 latest threads
      • showed me which threads I had already read
      • correctly showed the last person to update a thread
      • gave recognition to active contributors by showing a top 3 across the top


      • does not work well in Chrome (garbled mess) or older versions of IE
      • keeps switching me back to thumbnail so that I can only see a few threads
      • keeps putting blogs amongst the threads, even when I tell it not to
      • does not tell me if I have already read a thread
      • does not correctly show who last updated a thread
      • no recognition of active contributors on the page with the threads

      Did someone skip the testing stage in the rush to get this "out there"?>


      Thomas Bezak said:

      This is unequivocally the worst re-design and site update I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Everything is multiple clicks away. Did you perform any user experience testing? Having half your landing page and this blog dedicated to “how do I do what I had no problem doing before” should have been a major red flag. I have been clicking through and (when it loads without bombing out) have not come across a single thing in the UI that makes sense. It’s like you hired an alien to design this thing.>


      I remember a poll to evaluate the last migration from 2012 (source:, and 87% said that they were dissatisfied with that migration (2012 migration).

      And SAP answered: ...we decided to migrate to this new platform so that users of the site would have more tools to use to communicate and collaborate, and so it would be easier to create content. Among the various advantages that users will now have, probably the most valuable one is the ability to see a constant, dynamic update of content and activity. With the "Activity", "Actions", and "Communications" tabs on every page, you can set up your experience so you'll get a constantly updated stream of activity for everything going on that's important to you. If you begin to follow spaces, you'll see the updates from those spaces...and followers of the spaces you follow will see updates, including yours. It's probably the easiest way to really get a sense for what new content is coming onto the site, and will keep relevant content in front of you.


      I have to agree, the best word for new format is 'horrible'. The old format was so easy to use, it was easy to find the forums and the different areas, and then to drill down to the questions, and to post. Now it is a mission, and this can clearly be seen by the lack of new postings that everybody is struggling. Hopefully I learn to navigate through this.



      Important Note about Source's Links: please don't try to click it, because "Page Not Found" will popup.

      A lot, well "lot" maybe is not the word. A HUGE amount of content was lost with the new migration. Good bye to all content.


      Now Jelena said:

      This feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back.

      Totally agree with you. I can not think how SAP team develop this "Community" (?). We lost a lot of important features like you mention.

  • Oct 25, 2016 at 10:10 PM

    To re-open the old SCN (without any points and badges) would be a great idea.

    I wonder about the visitor statistics, say, to compare how many unique visitors had SCN in September and how many unique visitors has "The Community" site right now.

  • Oct 26, 2016 at 02:08 AM

    Hi Osvaldo

    I do hope they fix the language issues as I can see Spanish is not the only one. It's a pity they can't have a workaround of a Spanish tag to cover the gap for moderators (same for Chinese, Japanese and German being the main ones I think SCN had spaces for. Russian might have been another one but it's beside the point)

    When I read you comment about volunteers, I can see your frustration but some of what we (well me) write is in context. Anyway, I would never criticize what you've written here as it's all valid but more importantly, the fact that you raised an Idea shows that you are contributing to community improvement and equality (language as a key barrier to participation is not fair).

    I really hope this community gets back to the standard that we all have come to love and expect so we don't lose any more quality/willing to contribute members.

    Anyway, thanks for this post and I upvoted your Idea.



  • Oct 26, 2016 at 05:22 PM

    Hi Osvaldo,

    Your frustrations are valid. I personally feel that the migration occurred too soon, as well. I am personally having a lot of trouble navigating the new site and keeping on top of those areas that are important to me. I'm trying very hard not to be too discouraged.

    My comments to Yogesh were not about his observations re: the site, but about his rather personal attack on the people who are trying to make this work. That is what I took exception to.

    I agree with you, something has been lost, and I really hope we can find a way to get it back. I have seen suggestions in a few places to "roll back" to the old SCN while they work to resolve all the problems we're now facing, but I'm not sure if that's even possible. I don't know; I don't have any insider insights to that team beyond what they've been telling all of us, but now that we are over two weeks into the new system, it is probably not possible to roll back without losing all the content from those two weeks. And that's just a technical hurdle (perhaps just one among many); I'm going to posit there are organizational issues as well that are beyond the SCN team.

    So, if a rollback is no longer an option, then what are our options? At the risk of seeming like I'm jumping in to say, "Instead of criticizing (you) should try to encourage others to participate," I do think we need to be constructive. Keep an open mind, first (I struggle with this too), and yeah, offer suggestions and bug reports, as well. I know you are doing this. And, yeah, it's ok to blow off a little steam here as well. That's why we have a coffee corner, after all. And maybe, hopefully, we can keep our spark of community alive while we sort this all out.

    And, hmm, I've just noticed that I now have that little M next to my name. That wasn't there yesterday, or when I responded to Yogesh last week. Clearly I've gone over to the dark side!

    • Oct 26, 2016 at 05:46 PM

      Well, congratulations, now you are not only a MENTOR, you are a Moderator too! ;)

      I hope the "dark side" does not consume you. I think the SCN team need a lot of mods now for help moving threads for example.

      Thanks for your comment. About "roll back", I do not remember where (because now we can't see bookmarks lol), but someone from SAP said that they can not roll back to JIVE's core again. (Jive was the last "system" community). So... we need to sit down and read the newspaper, relax, take a lot of coffee, a looooot! and... /nex into your SAP session << just kidding! xD

  • Oct 27, 2016 at 01:34 PM

    Agree. Facing the same "I am lost" in this new community page. Though it has rich look and feel, I need to navigate to all the pages, tabs and see what is it for me here.

    Points gone, welcome Karma Credits. Feels like my Karma wanted me to face this community (Just kidding :P) Did you see that..even my smileys are not working :)

    I think Beta testing had lots of bugs and questions raise, many of them had a prompt response. I know people are working on this, and hope to see this again a better and one of new addiction :)

    Cheers !!


  • Oct 27, 2016 at 03:05 PM

    The new SCN is a pure an utter disaster. The old SCN was much easier to navigate and find content quickly ans easily.

    For example I login to the page

    I only see 3 recent questions when there are definitly more, and I'm not talking about old questions from the old SCN but questions which have been asked since the migration. Even clicking on the link 'View More blogs and questions' does not give any more new results. It is now impossible to find old information relating to the topic I am interested in.

    Please Please Please bring back the old SCN............or at least add in all the old good features of the old one ASAP!!!!

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