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Tell us a silly story

So I have a contractor working at my house to fix where some heating pipes had burst (thank you Winter). He started today.

At 10:30AM, he called me and asked if my son was home. I said 'No'. He said 'Well, your front door is open, and your dog is gone'.

Boom! Out the office door in a mad flash and hit the road to get home. Visions of her carcass by the side of the road. Curiosity - what thief would come into my house and steal my dog (although she is totally steal-able). Imagining myself on the phone to the police because, yes, my son did take her collar off last night so she could be a 'naked puppy'... and she is known to the police (she escaped the back yard 1.5 years ago, and when I called and identified the dog I was looking for, the police officer said <smiling> "OH, her." </endsmile>

I drove quite reasonably, got home safely. Opened the kitchen door...

The dog was sound asleep on her bed. As she always is. #facepalm

We're doing a mock go-live this coming weekend. I may need some stories to keep me awake and amused. BTW, those are really low bars to set.

Thank you for your support!

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  • Feb 06, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    My son is currently teething and so we give him rusks (Heinz tough bland sticks to nom away at to relieve pain instead of bombing him out with paracetamol)

    The current tally for stands

    Son: 2 rusks

    Floor/lost: 20

    Cooper the black Lab: 15

    Cooper now sits up straight in front of my son and stares at him until he drops it or shows any sign to my dog that the rusk is a treat. On one occasion my mother in law was looking for a rusk. I asked her if Cooper was around and she said yes but he ran away. Well Cooper's count is now 16

    In other feeding stories, Cooper is allowed to lick the spoon after chicken and vege. It's the only way he leaves us alone so my son stands a chance to eat. Cooper can be on the other side of the house and come running as soon as he smells mealtime. He lays down next to the feeding chair and just waits for the end.

    Enjoy your go live


    P.s if step 1 for security is to lock all users make sure they read the warning messages and don't say yes to deleting them all. System Restore as Step 1 is never fun.

    • Feb 06, 2018 at 03:33 PM

      "Delete all users... Confirm?"

      "Confirm..... No, wait!!!!!"

      "Deleting all users....... All users deleted...."

      "MESSAGE_TYPE_X: Invalid User, disconnecting now...."

  • Feb 06, 2018 at 03:42 PM

    OK - this one is from a long time ago.

    I was at home, and we had a screened in back porch. There was a hole cut into it for my dog to go in and out. My dog was a Great Dane mix. And he was huge. I had a cat that was an indoor outdoor cat.

    I woke up one morning and let him out. Then I noticed a bird had got stuck in the porch. I was in a long flannel nightgown so out I went. When I went out, my cat went out. So picture this - I have the door open trying to get the stupid bird out. My cat is chasing the bird. My dog is chasing the cat and the bird since it looks like fun. Round and round we go. I had a miniature pool table out there.

    Next thing I knew the dog had the bird. That dog didn't hunt, unlike some of my lab/lab mixes. He had no idea what he had. I run to the door to chase down the dog. The cat runs after my dog. I run after them both. My huge dog wonders what he has in his mouth. He opens his mouth. Out flies the bird. I wish I had a camera. The cat looked very disgusted. He would have eaten it. I'm thinking the bird went a little further away and had a heart attack.

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