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[Status Update] New Video from Björn Goerke and Thomas Grassl

In case you missed the tweet: "Björn Goerke, Chief Technology Officer and President of SAP Cloud Platform, and Thomas Grassl, Head of Developer Relations, lay out the vision for SAP Community going forward."

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  • Feb 09, 2018 at 02:36 PM

    Honestly... Community has never been about the content! It's always been about people establishing connections with other people .

    All this talk about surfacing content is why SAP caused the community to fail by not focusing how people in the SAP ecosystem can connect with one another. Stop focusing on how to make content easier to find, that's not why people participated in the first place.

    People participated for two very basic reasons

    - I need help finding an answer to problem

    - I want to help others and share my knowledge with them.

    You need to read his again, this is how you build communities:

    • Feb 09, 2018 at 03:16 PM

      H, Stephen:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm not sure if your comments are directed at me or in response to the video with Thomas and Bjoern. If it's to the video, I'd recommend voicing your opinions in a tweet to them, on the YouTube page (

      ), or better still -- on this page: As you can see, Thomas is already responding to comments there, and I know both Thomas and Bjoern are eager to hear from community members.

      Since you did respond to my post, however, I'd like to address your concerns. If I read your comments correctly, you are saying that "building relationships" is more important than "surfacing content" for a community. I personally don't see these as separate things. If anything, I believe they go hand in hand.

      Consider the basic reasons that you raised:

      - I need help finding an answer to problem

      - I want to help others and share my knowledge with them.

      I agree completely that these things are the primary reasons why people participate in a community, yet neither of those things is possible unless the platform makes it easier for people to find content. People can't find answers if the content isn't surfaced properly and, to your second point, people can't find questions to answer if the content is hard to find.

      And that's just for Q&A. To add another important element: blogs. A common complaint is that people can't find them. Blogs are another great way to get answers and share knowledge, so surfacing content better (blogs, in this case) is crucial.

      Surfacing content allows people to engage. Allowing people to engage enables them to make connections. Making connections encourages people to participate more (perhaps in the form of sharing content). But if they don't have any confidence that people will find their content, then there's not much incentive for them to contribute.

      So, in way, I think you and I are in agreement here. It may just be a slightly different way of viewing the problems with the community.

      I should add that an inability to find content is a common complaint from members -- voiced in places such as Customer Influence (formerly Idea Place), in one-on-one conversations, in community discussions themselves. So any work to surface content better is in reaction to community feedback. And I don't think it's possible to improve the community feel (i.e., personal connections) without making it easier to find and share content.

      I'd love to hear other thoughts on this matter. I know that the Coffee Corner has no shortage of people with strong opinions. :)

      Best regards,


      • Feb 09, 2018 at 03:35 PM

        Jerry, this is why you are so good at what you do. Brilliant response! I agree with Stephen that community is about connections... and with you that content is what drives us to make those connections.

      • Feb 09, 2018 at 09:55 PM

        You actually proved my point. The whole reason why everything imploded, is that the problem with the platform is viewed as strictly a content formatting/surfacing issue instead of people issue. A modern interface should have looked more like slack/microsoft teams and less like a marketing site. The problem is SAP does not understand that the fundamental approach taken to the platform was wrong and that a band-aid approach will not fix the root causes.

        A community is a communications platform and not a content platform(not a CMS with forums)!

        Take care,


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