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Happy Belated New Year and I'm back.. again

Hi All

2018 is my year to get back to basics within SAP Community. It has meant some decisions needed to be made which has resulted in me stepping down from Strategic Advisory Council and some other behind the scenes activities

The realisation hit me that I don't have enough time and the bucket I have allocated for community was being consumed by behind scenes activities. This was making it more difficult to represent community and discuss needs - how can I comment on something I' not using.

The positive (assuming you all want to hear from me) is that I've already managed to publish one blog this year and will start working on the next one..



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Jan 17 at 10:09 AM

We've missed your wit and wisdom!

Happy 2018!

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Welcome back,

I read through your blog and seems that you made right choice what is better for you!


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*thumbs up* ;-)

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Loved it! I'm glad you are "back". Although - you didn't ever really leave. I can so relate to your blog.

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All relative to how active I used to be

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Or relative to your own cracked mirror. We view ourseleves a lot more critically than anyone else ever will.

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