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Maybe tags aren't so bad after all...?

I've just noticed I have my own tag -!

I guess somebody is trying to re-invent @-mentions?

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Dec 07, 2017 at 09:41 AM

Yes, the idea is to somehow attract attention of the person. But it's not working :) And looks like the @-mentions functionality was not properly explained to the forum users.

My example:

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You're much more in demand than I am, obviously :-)

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To my mind @-mentions has to be advertized in the input form for questions/answers/comments!

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Thanks Vadim. We will suggest this to our UX team.

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I have one too. :) Got to give props to people who actually spelled my name right:

Was wondering who's the most popular "tag" and thought Jürgen L with 46 questions but Thomas Jung has 57:


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there at least 3 reasons why I am not leading this list

  • the Ü
  • there is a second list without the L
  • I am removing the tag when I have to change other tags to the question.

Somehow my name appears more in questions that do not belong to my area of expertise

And as wrote , especially questions with such tags are rarely marked with a correct answer.

At least i don't get disturbed with extra notifications this way. Especially people who tag me should already know that I read every post in the tags I moderate and don't need an extra beep

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I'm sure if we all took a moment to grab a screen shot from time to time of the most ridiculous user tags, we could have quite the gallery. (I'm certain some of the managed tags would belong in such a gallery as well, but I cannot take an official position on that.)

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Nice one! What about the missing "back to spaces" tag?

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I have one too! I hadn't realized people were trying to get my attention out there this way.

Only two questions, however. And in both cases, it looks like the authors tagged a lot of people in this manner. And, in both cases, they were in topic areas that I neither moderate nor monitor, areas in which I have no expertise, so I wouldn't have been able to help anyway.

I have seen people add user tags to their blogs for their own name. In fact, I've seen Mentors do that. Perhaps a little "personal brand" building? ;)

Update: for some reason I'm getting an error on 'Submit' on this comment about "Only one URL is allowed in the Link." Huh? Apparently it's the "+" in the URL, which I've now edited to "%2B" instead. I've noticed that the platform does not like these at all, yet they appear in URLs all over

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That "+" in URL issue needs to be resolved. I briefly mentioned it in this question but it probably merits its own bug report.

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Nobody tagged me. :(

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Or me. Or I'm too fick to figure out how to check. ;-)

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Me either. I kinda feel like Charlie Brown getting a rock on Halloween...

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Steffi Warnecke Matthew Billingham Jerry Janda I PROMISE, if I ask a question, I will tag you.

You're welcome!

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Jelena Perfiljeva - I guess you need to hire a goat to lug around your Thinkpad :)

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That would be super awesome! :)

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Awww...this is the best Christmas present ever!

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People just don't dare to mention your names in vain. :)

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