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[Status update] My biggest project to date starts today...

... so if someone is looking for me, I'm probably knee-deep in SQL statements! Because my IDM database will move to another (better?) place, too.

I'll do an extra happy dance, when (not if!) this project is over and everything's working successfully.

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Oct 20, 2016 at 05:50 AM

Good luck.

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End of day two and we are not as far into the project as I wish we were. On the other hand... now the most important job is (finally!) running. So next week the fun stuff begins: Checking every SQL statement and changing it. ^^ Wohoo!

So many obstacles to get by. Funniest part was, that the second server we use to access kind of everything was suddenly down and out, because it's scheduled to be exchanged for a newer version with newer os. :D

Had to have that reversed and the exchange stopped until my further notice. Of course then there is always java. And not working passwords. And no access to change service scripts. Aaaah... projects.

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Good luck, Steffi, I know you guys will rock it!


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