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Accessing archives from old SCN

I am posting this here because I don't know where to post this. :) (Where should I post this kind of thing?)

Does someone know how to search archive documents and discussion for a particular space only?

I can successfully go to all the archive documents or discussion of a particular space.

But when I search something, the search results are from all the spaces which are not very helpful but annoying instead.

Best Regards,


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Oct 19, 2016 at 09:22 AM

Hello Fred,

you need to create a question and tag it with "Using".



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I can share a little secret; my workaround is not perfect, it returns page not found results quite often, I have no idea if it will work after indexing is finished and if SAP team won't disable this functionality: the old search engine from SCN still works!

I have not used the default SAP search for SCN, but a custom engine, which I made many months ago. It gives you the option to filter results per topic space, and, because there is a redirect in place, when you click on an item from the results list-> it goes to the archived content.

Here is an example with your search criteria:

Try it, I clicked on a few of the results and it worked. What I did was - enter search criteria, get the result list, then use the filters on the right to select Business ByDesign.

Back to your original question: in general, you can post bug reports as questions with tag Using, if you ask for a new functionality - visit the Idea Place (I think this is the correct link: ), check what is available, vote on things, which you like, or submit your ideas for improvement.

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Thanks, Veselina.

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Hi, Fred:
I can't give you any advice better than the responses already provided here. I'll just add that you can find information about leaving feedback, reporting bugs, etc., here:

Best regards,


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Thanks, Jerry

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