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Influence.SAP - S-user handle

Usually I read a comments regarding the S-user management to navigate in our community. For example, when you change the company, or for any reason changed the s-user and... your history were lost.

Well, there are a good iniciative available for vote in Influence.Sap that are asking for SAP Community a tool for handle and manage the S-User data.

Hence my suggestion is to who agree that we need to solve this point ASAP, log in (if you dont lost your s-user till now) and upvote for this initiative.

This is very relevant, and this tool for manage s-user is late to come.

This is one quick win that help us to increase the community users -- in my oppinion.

Fausto Motter

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Nov 23, 2017 at 03:30 AM edited Nov 23, 2017 at 03:59 AM

This is already the third platform to submit ideas, since this requirement came up the first time, and never was the platform so bad as now.

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Jurgen, I need to stay hopeful.

This problem is so bad, and lasts so long, that I would rather believe that this time will be different.

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You may have a hard time persuading members to vote on a site, which makes ours look good :)

Ever since I became active on SCN I keep on hearing about the problem with S-users and for all I know the official response essentially was: 'we are working hard on that, but it is more complicated than you can imagine'. I doubt that even if there were a hundred votes for the idea that this would make much difference.

If you wish to increase the chance of SCN-ers voting on it you may include a direct link to the idea.

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Believe or not, was hard to find it again...

Thanks for your suggestion. One problem less: the "link" :)

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I'm not using that platform because of privacy issues, and as Jürgen pointed out I also don't see why now this would be made possible, if it wasn't done so for years.

But I’m happy if I'm proven wrong on this!



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