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So there I was staring at my 99+ ...

Finally had a moment (and motivation which was harder to come by) to start clearing my Notifications. I cleared it out on Tuesday of last week (6 days ago according to my last Read statused message). So I got started on the 310-320 items. Yes I marked them all, one at a time, as Read. Observations after clearing them all.

  • First thing I did afterwards was refresh so I could have the satisfaction that the last 120 minutes of drudgery (interspersed with interesting comments to read) inspired revealed in the number going away. I was rather disappointed that it did not. Sigh... #yetanotherbug
  • I was also rather disappointed that the More button only took you down another 10 items at a time. 25 or 50 would be better.
  • Of the 300+ items, 10 were notifications that someone had followed me. 15, possibly as many as 20 were comments made to my posts or comments responding to my posts, or something I was directly involved in. That left 280+ Moderator Queue (not Moderator Tasks) useless notifications to mark Read.
  • Overlarge font contributes to not being able to an efficiently spaced list of items
  • Where were all the items from Followed tags? I tested my Tags after Steve R. pushed me to and I was receiving Notifications 7 days ago. Now I am not so sure I am anymore. After checking a few tags that I am following, it is really obvious that Notifications are not working for those tags. #yetanotherbug Will have to ping Steve R. It was rather obvious that I was not when I only had 14 new items in Notifications. One was a comment to a post I made and the rest were Moderator Queue items.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? Also how do you turn on Notifications for all Coffee Corner discussions? Could not find a Follow button anywhere. (#yetanotherbug?)

Regards, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

PS. How do you get rid of this annoying double spacing for lines in this editor?

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Oct 18, 2016 at 11:54 AM edited Oct 18, 2016 at 11:55 AM

Maybe it is a bug and I just didn't notice, but I see in "Notifications" when

  • somebody starts following me
  • sends me a direct message
  • somebody replies to a comment (to a blog / question / answer) of mine
  • somebody replies to a discussion (CC) of mine
  • somebody replies to an answer of mine
  • new item in moderation queue

I'd suspect, I would also see replies to my blogs and questions there, though nobody has done that yet, so no experience. ^^

The "Activity Stream" shows all content of people and tags I follow.

Both is based on my experience, which also includes that notifications and activities stopped being updated from time to time.


PS: The editor has some issues with IE. :/

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I can show you the follow button for the new Coffee Corner discussions:

Don't let the description fool you - this is the right one.

The problem is that you cannot follow it - probably they did not activate the subscription service on purpose, the tag is not even in the famous Excel file with all tag pages.

cc.jpg (23.1 kB)
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Hi Veselina,


Of course, it was probably done since they know best what the community needs. I keeping hoping something improves once we hit Oliver's two week update milestone. But keeping my expectations low given how few of the bugs got fixed during the Open Beta.

Sure hope they fix the problem with the profile picture and the gamification system. Those are extremely important aspects of SCN, right?

Thanks for the link. Shame it does not work. At this point, I have been following the first 25 or so on the list individually. Which is so much more efficient than being able to follow the entire Coffee Corner content list.

Cheers, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

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I'm following this tag:

and get updates about it in my AS:

I'm not following Lutz, so this must be the tag. ^^

screenshot1247.jpg (20.4 kB)
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Then we have another bug, because the questions don't show on this tag page, I see only blogs.

I would like to make a small experiment - can you help me?

I un-followed you temporarily and followed the tag from your link.

I see a discussion by you, on which I haven't commented:

Would you post some update on it - edit, comment or something like that, please?

I am not completely sure how long it takes for the un-follow activity to start working...

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Done. :)

The issue with content not being displayed on tag pages (the go-whatever ones) is not new. The CC seems to feel it more than others, but okay. It's no priority.

I've seen it for other "both content types" pages, too. Currently the answers-pages work the best showing newly created content.

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I think this tag is for the blogs that are posted to the coffee corner tag, but shouldn't be (there shouldn't be blogs in the coffee corner). Veselina's tag page is for the discussions that are supposed to be there. I've now followed both, but to be sure...:-)

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Hi Steve,

How did you follow Veselina's Tag Page (Discussions)? I was unable to do so (in Chrome) and verified that my login had not timed out. She also indicated that the subscription service was not enable for doing so which I also saw.

Thanks, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

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Thank you, you were right - you get updates with

for Coffee Corner discussions. Only the tag page is incorrectly displayed - without the questions.

If you search for Coffee Corner discussions in sap search, this one will not work:[Status%20update]%22&n=1&p=default&repo=srh&f=TYPE%3Adiscussion+SM_TECH_IDS:50690423538184863854226961842055

But this one will do the trick:[Status%20update]%22&n=1&p=default&repo=srh&f=TYPE%3Adiscussion+SM_TECH_IDS:154853095497941430633174

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Hahaaaar! So we workarounded our way to following the CC anyway. ^^

You did change your avatar, I was confused for a second. ;)

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With regard to the double-line-spacing in the editor, you can hit <SHIFT>-<ENTER> to do a single linefeed/return instead of a double. It's a WordPress thing. Example: here I hit ENTER normally:

And now I hit SHIFT-ENTER:

What annoys me is that for comments to blogs it seems almost to work in the reverse: there is no way to get a double-linefeed between paragraphs, except to use Steffi's trick of typing a period in the intended blank line.


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If you want to use my trick, please do. Then I won't feel so crazy anymore. ^^ I wonder if using "space" works, too, but the editor seems to have something against do much white space. Which is kind of ironic when looking at the rest of the page. :D

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the trick! I will keep it in mind. Just wish the fancy formatting would be stripped out and we used Notepad or something similarly basic for the text controls. I record my meeting minutes in Notepad and don't have to think about making it look fancy. Just get the information down and legible (why I type instead of writing).

Also thanks to Steffi and I will use her trick as well. Already building up a new version of templated answers.

Cheers, Mike
SAP Technology RIG

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Notepad scribble is good and well for my own fast docu, but not if I want others to follow my thoughts IMO. ^^ And I love to format stuff!

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I use Notepad++ to record random stuff. You can define own languages and get some nice coloring for keywords. Type-ahead and spell check are quite handy (recently I had to translate from ABAP to plain English a huge FM - the translated text file was almost 700 lines, it saved me tons of time).

Plus it is free and I can use a portable version.

Word 2016 is slower and does not play nice with the older MSOffice version, which I also have as local installation.

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I would highly recommend you look at OneNote for random stuff, note taking and meeting notes.

You can freely add anything anywhere. You can make it as ugly or as pretty as you want.

It can be cloud based or just on your PC. And you can access it via almost any platform. Mobile/Mac/PC.

They also provide quite a few templates for meeting minutes, meeting prep, checklists, etc..

I create a new page each day and just put all my random notes, screen clippings, etc.. on it.

It even has a spell check.. imagine that!

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Hi Craig,

I have thought about OneNote a few times, but have stuck with Notepad for the time being since it works for my purposes and I really am too lazy to fix something that is not broken. However, the templates you mention may have some tools to make it easier to use than Notepad.

Now if I can only squeeze in a few free moments in the next couple of weeks...

Cheers, Mike
SAP Technology RIG (see I remembered to use the shift enter!)

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Will you be in Barcelona.. we can do a quick start tutorial for you on One Note. I can guarantee a shorter learning curve then the new SAP community.


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I'm really missing the "Communications" page from the old platform now, as I completely missed these replies to my comment until I specifically came looking at this thread again. Or am I still misunderstanding how to use Notifications?

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My understanding is you would have to "Follow" the original posting. Then you would be notifified about ALL added/new comments. Also all new likes and edits as well. You can't follow you comment I don't think.

Which really can add a bunch of activity to your stream. Which is already hard enought ot follow with only ten items per page. :-(

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Yep. Just so. What I really liked about the old Communications page was that it listed all your followed activity on the left, and when you selected one, on the right it only showed you new activity since the last time you looked at that item. Now, I come back to a thread, such as this one, and have to hunt for what might be new since last time I looked.

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But, it's inconsistent. Just now I received a notice in "Notifications" about your comment. Other times I haven't, and I can't quite figure out what the different situations are for when one is or is not notified.

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Thanks for all your comments/criticisms of SCN 3.0. I've been trying to contain my frustrations and keep telling myself - you'll find a way eventually, but this site is an annoying disaster bordering on being barely usable, IMO. Right now I can't even find the stuff I know must be there like list of acknowledged bugs... and all I'm finding is seemingly hopelessly mis-tagged stuff...

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Since I already did it once, I figured it would probably be good to go back and make sure that all the Notifications I had cleared before were still cleared. After all, how long could it take to repeatedly hit PgDwn and the More button (just leave the mouse in the right place and you can really boogie...)?

Well to my immense surprise, after about 6 minutes of hitting More (and 480 Notifications, yes, I counted them), lo and behold, there were another 80+ Notifications all dated 20 days ago (either October 10 or possibly October 9), plus about 10 more from 21 days ago (October 9 or possibly October 8). UnRead Notifications began towards the bottom of the 19 days ago and I estimate I had somewhere around 130 unRead ones all 19-21 days ago. This accounts for the 99+ on my icon. One mystery cleared up, sort of (why weren't they there when I cleared all Notifications after the 3rd day of go live?).

I am quite sure that I got to the very bottom of the list during my original exercise above. After all, once you have gone through 300, there is no point in quitting until you have gone to the top of the already marked Read from the initial clear out (probably 80-100 items during the initial clear out exercise).

So I am now really confused is how/why I am getting Notifications from before the Go-Live and also after Open Beta was shut down. While not completely positive, I believe some of the Notifications (Followed by Veselina and Steve R) predate the Go-Live, but are also from well before the days ago value and beforethe end of Open Beta.

So I have cleared all my Nofications and now understand why it was still showing 99+. Not quite sure why these late arrivals showed up after clearing the queue the first time. But now my icon count is empty (zero!) as well as Notifications shown under my icon in the Dropdown menu

So another question occurs to me. At what point do Notifications start dropping off or get deleted/archived? Once I got towards the bottom of the long list, I noticed that the response time for Checking the Read circle was definitely slower than when I cleared the latest items and only displayed 10 or 20 or even 50 or 100 items.

We definitely need a Mark all as Read functionality and should have a max number of Notifications that can be displayed/retained.

Cheers, Mike (Moderator)
SAP Technology RIG

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