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[Status Updates]Don't like comments/answers? Join the club!

As is our custom, I'm promoting here the question raised in Using tag: Petition to replace answers/comments with "reply"

The title is self-explanatory. Please upvote if you agree.

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Nov 07, 2017 at 04:35 PM


Just a concept that only sounds good in a PowerPoint presentation but is in fact as stupid/inefficient as tags (or SAP Whatsapp channels).

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at first I was afraid this would lead to an "Improvement" (? ->the new 'idea') on the customer influence site, which I would not have visited (in order not to get my deleted user resurrected)

So nice to see you chose this straightforward way! I already upvoted!



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Looks like it's a request for Q&A platform change :) That's a reason for SAP silence on petition.

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I find the new influence website quite infuriating. Even after "upgrading" my SID for it (luckily, I no longer use it on SCN) to participate in SD project, I avoid it at all cost.

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