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Wanderlust (Ibn Battuta)

On a boring Monday, thought of visiting 'CC' and post one too.

Ibn Battuta was a person who had traveled a lot across nations.

May be one day, I, 'Run Simple' without SAP and travel across the planet, thats when this thread might help me.

Post one wonderful place on this planet which you have visited and recommend and any of your favourite food (a local dish or any sort).

I shall start with mine.

Favourite place:

'Raj Machi Fort' (Maharashtra, India), situated in Sahayadri Mountains a fantastic place to visit during monsoon.

Favourite food:

Being Mumbaite, my favourite fast food dish is 'Vada Pav' which is a common man's food found across Maharashtra but the best are found in Mumbai. I need to have it twice a week at-least. :)

Whats share.


Aditya V

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Nov 06, 2017 at 01:12 PM edited Jan 09 at 12:51 PM

Don't wait to long to follow your dreams, the world is big and has plenty of beautiful spots, I already fear to run out of time.

Last July I fell in love with Guilin, a gorgeous place to ride a bicycle.

While it was possible to get good noodles there too, I actually like the most my mothers homemade Krautnudeln (Noodles with cabbage and minced meat)

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Thats great Jurgen.

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googled Guilin and saw that it is in China, wow, by the name I thought it could be somewhere in Europe.

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My favorite place is probably my home. :) But when it comes to a place that made a memorable impression for me Badlands National Park (in South Dakota, US) takes the cake.

The pictures don't really do it justice because the whole place is just absolutely surreal. In fact, many "Martian landscapes" in the sci-fi movies were filmed there.

We were there over 10 years ago and just stopped by on the way to Mount Rushmore and were just blown away. It was so unexpected.

Actually the whole area around Mount Rushmore is amazing. Rushmore itself is just meh, to be honest, but Badlands, Black Hills and Devils Tower are must see. If you've heard of TV series Deadwood - it's also there.

badlands.jpeg (165.9 kB)
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thats fantastic Jelena.

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WOAH! All those lines and tiers make for a confusing look. I'm not sure if it's an optical illusion or if it really looks like that. The way the sun lights it, does not really help my poor brain. :D

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The lines are real, I guess they mark the stages of the formation development (changing water levels or some sediment?). The low light just makes them more pronounced. This particular picture makes the landscape look a bit more flat but I couldn't find a better one. It's really hard to capture those views in a picture though.

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Australian Outback

...forget about your favourite food...all you need is WATER

outback.jpg (77.8 kB)
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but, but every animal and insect there is trying to kill you !!!! ;)

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Great places are numerous...

Let's focus on one of the last visited.

Salar de Uyuni (Bolivie)

salar-de-uyuni.jpg (69.1 kB)
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super Frederic. this pic reminds me of a place in India, Gujarat(Rann of Kutch) salt marsh.

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Another picture of the Rann of Kutch, I can see a certain similarity ;-)

If my source is reliable...


kutch.jpg (91.1 kB)
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aha..however both are salt marshes. great place I see on google too.

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Is that camel wearing shoes? Wouldn't it be irritating for them to walk on salt? Or are they used to it?

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Hi Jelena,

haha, I doubt if they are shoes :) even if they were they must be enjoying it, else would have kicked the guy next :) .

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Good point. I guess the camel wouldn't be so chill if it was in distress.

I asked because for example the rescue dogs have special booties, otherwise sharp debris could hurt their paws. Was curious if camels had similar protective wear.

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