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IdeaPlace - the better/other community?

Have you noticed how Idea Place has quite some elements some miss from SCN or hope to see on SAP Community soon:

- There are points and even a leaderboard (see my comments on )

- When you click on a notification, the counter is reduced automatically

- The header doesn't disappear when you scroll down

... and there a features like:

- you can follow people

- you can write messages

- you can write on peoples walls

- you can write on your own wall (call that "status update"? However, you seem not to be able to comment on that).

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Oct 17, 2016 at 10:56 AM

You can follow people here on SCN, too. :P

I'm not sure what you mean by "you can write messages". If you mean like personal messages, that's possible here also. In the Actions menu you'll find "Send a Direct Message".

You have karma credits and there will be new missions. And not a leader board, but something similar, if you look here at "What's coming soon" of the reputation information page. :)

So it's not all bad and you know yourself, there are a lot of ideas in the pipeline and the team is reacting to the ideas, asking questions, giving feedback. So it's not just a trash basket to direct users to, to silence them. ^^

I have some issues with the editor in the Idea Place, though. It doesn't seem to like pictures much. At least the ones I want to include, so I add them as attachments now. The last one I put directly into the content was enlarged much like the smilies here on SCN sometimes.

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I think part of what I meant to say is, that IdeaPlace is (or might become) some kind of "parallel universe".

Some features being different (points, leaderboard, notifications...).

Some being redundant:

- I can send you a Message here (=SAP Community), OR/and I could do that in IdeaPlace

- I can follow you here, OR/and I could do that in IdeaPlace.

...and that's why I don't have the feeling of "ONE" digital experience... (I heard that was meant just in respect to logging in - that works fine, I do admit!)

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Yes, in old SCN I'd loved to see ideas and wikis on the profiles of users, too. I don't know if they can ever integrate the Idea Place this much into this whole new SAP universe. Seems to be too much of a different platform. Or maybe that's on the todo list also and will happen some time in the future, when New SCN is up and running without its training wheels.

I have to admit I've not tried out the features on Idea Place, that aren't necessary to create and support ideas. I've seen some of them, but why use them, if you have to be on the platform to see it?

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... you can get notifications by email.

My thoughts exactly - Idea Place have all the things missing from SCN right now. I guess we moved into a wrong house. :)

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I also miss a lot of this features, but it might be with all new things.. I'm pretty sure the team listen to us and will deliver.

Might take some time ;-)


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You perceive Idea Place as very good, because you compare it to the new platform... it is not perfect either - still a lot of white space, hard to read text, no proper timestamps.

Idea Place solves some big pain points (which we all share) - this is why you are subconsciously inclined to ignore some of its imperfections.I think, the Idea Place is more mature and the team, which was in charge, had more time to make it functional. And, probably, they designed it before the fiorification wave, which is why it looks better to anybody, who uses mouse/keyboard combo with a laptop. If you run it through the mobiready site, you will be disappointed: (score 0.77 out of 5).

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