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A quick stats update...

After the first day of this new SCN I calculated that about 30% of of the questions asked were tagged "Using". Now that we've been going a week, it is time for another update. As of 5 minutes ago, there were 256 questions tagged "About" and 1376 questions in total - a ratio of 18.6%. Heading in the right direction!I suspect this is mostly due to people starting to ask real questions now, rather than because of fewer questions about the site itself. But either way, that's good!

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Oct 17, 2016 at 07:56 AM

if I check the number of questions with the BW tag, I get the feeling that a lot less questions are raised... any conclusion can be made out of this fact...

the most optimistic one would be: As of the new SCN it's a lot more difficult/messy/complicated to create a new question than to actually use Google, hence people start looking for answer instead of creating a new post directly

less optimistic would be: i really can't use that tag stuff and i'm missing out on most of the BW questions :)


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I have no stats about the old SCN, so have no way to compare activity there with activity here. It certainly feels that activity here is lower now, but I have no idea by how much. But that's not really surprising. I suspect it varies between spaces, er, tags too.

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For one week we have 14 questions with tag SD (some of these have additional tags for Sales and Billing) - this is what we got in a day. It is possible that there are a few questions in moderator's queues, but I doubt that this is a significant number - I think, both our moderators are active, I saw them commenting last week.

One of the problems is that now the delay between a comment and response is much bigger and people may lose patience and motivation to seek a solution here by asking a question.

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Or it is just because people managed somehow to find links to the questions asked last week and post comments there. Or some decided to wait for a month until (hopefully) most of the worst problems will be resolved.

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