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[Status update] Good morning, SCN! Looks like we're doing a bit better than last week question-wise.

The current state of SCN reminds me of a song by German singer and comedian Jürgen von der Lippe:

Guten Morgen liebe Sorgen,
seid ihr auch schon alle da?
Habt ihr auch so gut geschlafen?
Na, dann ist ja alles klar.

Roughly translated in:

Good morning, dear sorrows,
are you there yet?
Did you sleep sleep as well as me?
Well, it's all good then.

Call it "Ode to the SCN team". ;) Go, team, go!

Ah, found a YT video with the song and well done sub titles:

Enjoy! :)

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Oct 17, 2016 at 07:25 AM edited Oct 17, 2016 at 07:29 AM

I'm not so sure yet. It's only because some dedicated people, (such as yourself), are learning to work with the new system and find the work arounds. It's not an intuitive site yet and I would venture to say that questions and interactions are way down.

It would be interesting to see some statistics on usage. Like number of new questions vs. the averages of the old system. But I'm afraid that can only be down on a aggregate level as spaces from SCN are not directly equivilent to tags in the community. Also, any activity related to "Using SCN" need to be taken out of any statistics. Only actual subject matter questions should be counted.

Also average daily logins could be looked at too.

I'm sure someone in SAP is looking at some of these stats. It will be interesting to see how they trend over the next few weeks.

FF :-)

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Oh, I'm absolutly with you. And I've just done one non "help, where is everything?!" post yet (outside of CC), so I'm not really a part of tipping the scale to the subject matter questions. ^^

But it's good to see some familiar faces here.

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stats shouldn't be too difficult write now as all migrated posts went to archive. therefore, how many new posts in Q&A per tag excluding using scn

I would also be interested in tags with no content and/or no followers

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Would be a good time for someone to host a new Sap Developer community with a proper structure and proper functionality. You know, like a place for developers.

Anybody up for it? I'd register :)

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Don't give up just yet. As a developer you should know that a lot can change in a buggy program, if you have dedicated people working on it and some patience. :)

Aaaand a good debugger. :D

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Or members will infest the existing ones... Which what worries me the most - the most promising ones are for non-English speaking communities, people will spread out and we will lose sight of each other.

As a functional consultant, I know, that flawed design, no buy-in from the business, no access to the right resources at the right time, takes more time to recover from than just a few bugs. And SAP fixing things takes longer. :)

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