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Finite capacity and MILP optimization in SAP

The finite capacity scheduling is not available in SAP, the unique functionality is the capacity leveling that could help to smooth overloads.

In the past, some attempts to obtain finite
capacity scheduling inside SAP have been made: they are based on changes of standard SAP program and custom programs.

What I thought many years ago is that I could put in relation the scheduling and the capacity reports: they are both available in SAP, but they are not linked, that’s why the scheduling is based on infinite capacity. I have published my model and the abap code on

In SAP is also possible to create optimizing tools based on Simplex, Mixed Integer Linear Programming or other algorithms: the package GENIOS_SOLVER in the software component SAP_BS_FND (Application component CA-EPT-GEN) contains such kind of functions and programs.

It would be fine to go deeper in these investigations


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Oct 29, 2017 at 10:05 AM

This is the Coffee Corner, Michele. People come here to share their opinions. If you want to write a blog, I recommend that you go to the Blogs section; if you're trying to ask a question, I recommend you try to find the appropriate tag for your topic. Otherwise, please feel free to share pictures of cute goats.

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Oh, I don't know Sue, capacity levelling sounds very relevant to coffee. Drink too much run around office climb walls, not productive. Drink too little, end up with QWERTY imprinted on forehead, not productive. It's both a science and a fine art I tell you!

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Where's the goat?

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Drank too much coffee

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The links seem shady to me. "Member since 2008" yet no activity other than this post? Hm...

I'm terribly disappointed that this is not an analysis of the coffee or MILK optimization though. :(

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