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author's profile photo Jerry Janda

[Status Update] Oh, so THAT'S what that means...

A community member recently sent me a message using a word that was not familiar to me.

Not wanting to appear stupid(er), I opted not to say, "Huh?" Instead, I went to google, thinking I'd embarrass myself by stumbling across pages and pages of definitions for a fairly standard industry term.

But that's not what the search gave me.

The search gave me this:

Ye gods! Just the type of information a fresher needs!

I mean...I'm kinda flattered that the member assumed I spoke the lingo of ages past, back in the glory days of SCN. I guess I come across like a vet sometimes -- even though I've only been with the team for 18 months or so. (IT FEELS LIKE A MILLION YEARS. Sorry, did I say that out loud?)

Anyway, if you've ever seen a comment about "ponits" and pretended you were in on the joke ( friend of mine), you might want to give the dictionary a peek. Even if some of the terms are now outdated (can't really call someone a glass user these days), I got some good laughs out of reading...and I learned a couple things too.

It's a nice piece of history -- or nostalgia for the gurus.

Your truly,

Jerry "TFA" Janda

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