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Best way to submit and browse ideas in Customer Influence

Hi all,

Michael Appleby reached out to me and we chatted about many items in regards to Customer Influence. One item in particular he recommend I share in the Coffee Corner is the best way to browse ideas and interact with them.

If you go into the site and click on the light bulb icon on the left you will go to an all improvements requests view. This view is also similar to the search results page. Some users have reported some problems with this which makes it difficult to find improvement requests.

The best approach is to find the session you are interested in and then filter and sort within the context of that session.

The best way to find a session is to type it in the search bar with quotes and maintain case sensitivity.

Example "SAP Community"

Now you might find the result says "No data".

Have a look at the filter on the left, you will likely find that selection is on one area or another.

Make sure it is on 'All Opportunities' by clicking that one.

After that the SAP Community session should appear.

Click it and navigate inside. Now you are in the context of the SAP Community session.

From there in the top left under the Overview header there is an 'Improvement Requests submitted' link. Click there for the fastest way to get to the improvement requests list.

In the view change to the idea list if preferred by clicking the list icon in the top right.

Then filter and sort as desired.

Note: Using search here will jump you to the site search page and you will be out of the current context. We are looking at ways to maintain the search within the context of the session.

And yes it took me a page to describe how to browse ideas on the site. But our studies showed that user's appreciate the ideas more if the effort to find them is high. I'm kidding....

I'm not going to give excuses why it is this way, but I will say that we are actively looking at improvements in this area for the next release. Your feedback has helped.



Michael asked that I reference you guys below as well, hope I am doing this right.

Michael Appleby

Jelena Perfiljeva

Jürgen L

Veselina Peykova

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Oct 13, 2017 at 12:01 AM

What should I say?

I spent a few minutes with the subject directly after launch and was then able to make the SAP community my favorite and set up email notification for it. I even posted an idea.

Since then I receive every now and then notifications about a new idea ....which are posted there but have nothing to do with the SAP community site.

After a new wrong entry was made yesterday, I was actually curious again and wanted to find out why people select SAP Community instead the right product.

So I tried to find Materials Management and its ideas, the area where I am most active and familiar. I stopped after 15 minutes or so, totally frustrated. And thought for myself: in the past I got invitations by email when a new innovation session was started, lets wait for it instead of searching.

So you will not see me there anywhere else than for SAP Community. Which means I will also not vote for ideas which could actually be good for the ERP product in general.

I don't know whether you have a high traffic there, maybe yes because people try to make their way currently. But this traffic is also in the community and still the community is suffering from much less posts than before and even less people who answer. So I feel for the innovation place that you may get ideas but much less votes as in the earlier application.

From modern websites I expect that they are easy to use and self explaining.

These expectations are not fulfilled

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If you go to this will take you to high level pages that provide filtered views when you drill down on an area. But once in the IR site itself, yes, we are working to improve.

There are also different types of sessions. So you perhaps would get an invite to a 'Customer Engagement Initiative' (CEI) or a 'Customer Connection Focus Topic' (CC) as they start, run for a fixed period of time and close. So timing of participation is critical. But you wouldn't get one for a Continuous Influencing Session as they are always running, if you miss a review period, your ideas or votes go to influence the next one.

To see what exists or be notified for Material Management I would search on the tag and follow it.

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thanks, I saw those but I see no connection to material management, the one with the name "material management" belongs to SAP SuccessFactors Learning and the 2 others with the same name "alerts management" are probably listed because they have management in the name, digging deeper it turns out into SAP Business One.

I had expected a bit more than 0, the MM tag is the tag with the 3rd most discussions in the community.

Navigation is just a pain.

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It appears that no session uses the material management tag. As well, it does not fall under a dimension (tag group) of selected attributes that would have it. It doesn't stop a user from adding it to an idea.

The high level dimensions that the sessions are tagged around are listed here:

If none of those dimensions are appropriate, you could always suggest one but I would recommend suggesting a parent dimension that could cover all sessions.

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So, if i understood right, the way to reach an area is buried under 5 clicks?

Wow, so intuitive and easy...

i'd like to know if the privacy issues are solved before i give a try, not sure how much worth is my time, since my company is just a drop in SAP's customer ocean.

Even more, it's funny the "one company vote": in my previous job as consultant more then once i found big companies where different area/department had/have different opinions on how SAP could be improved.

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"privacy issues are solved before i give a try" - they decided not to solve the issues. Personal voting is only for Community Ideas.

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No,i mean the disclosure of email and so on...

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If "so on" means company name then it will be disclosed in any area except Community.

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My company is not a problem: i do not like i cannot choose to show or not, but i've it public here.

My email, since i use a P-user, instead is it.

And i do not see any note about that.

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Hi, Simone:

Are you saying that your email address is still visible somewhere?

As Kuhan wrote over at, this is a serious bug and one that is being worked to resolve.

Can you please confirm that you are still experiencing this issue?

Best regards,


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Hi Simone Milesi, I am waiting for an update on the email issue. It appears to not be for everyone/many. We are working to identify who seems to be able to see it and why.

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My 2 cents on the topic:

For many people that I know, the main obstacles for using Customer Influence are privacy concerns (in some countries this is taken very seriously) and the site performance.

I place the ease of use in navigation aspect really down the list, because I am referring to consultants who are familiar with user-unfriendly applications and are quite tech-savvy.

Even if the site was intuitive to use and had beautiful design, people won't be using it no matter how useful it can be. Performance is one of the main factors contributing to a delightful user experience. Currently (when I try using the new site) it feels like being punished for something that was not your fault.

I am not sure that I will be participating even in SAP Community initiative in the future unless somebody sends me a direct link to an idea that I may choose to support.

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Hi Veselina Peykova,

Were are the slow experiences? And which continent are you based in? (if that's ok to ask). We've actually improved the performance a lot (90 seconds to 7 for logon for users on west coast of NA), but we have also added A LOT of data over the last few months and though we definitely sized for it I expect a few items will pop-up.

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The slowness is in scrolling down for opportunities and for improvement requests for opportunities.

It is so bad that if I do not use a browser with multi-process support (Firefox ESR does not have it yet), my browser freezes in not responding state for several seconds.

At times I still get this popup for unresponsive script as before:

I am located in Eastern Europe, my Internet connection speed is rather good.

For the time it takes a new page of items (opportunities, ideas) to load, I can load several pages of questions in Q&A.

My laptop's hardware is more than sufficient for web browsing.

I do not experience such problems with other sites.

Please, take a look how Expert Search for SAP notes works - scrolling is fast, filters make sense, search is usually fast (unless the site experiences issues).

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Thanks. Will look into it.

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I have here 2 video captures showing the snail speed:

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Hi Kuhan,

Thanks for posting this. I hope it will make life a little easier, and along with other changes/updates, simpler to provide feedback. The path is rough at the moment, but I am more positive that we can make it easier to walk in the future (hopefully near future).

Cheers, Mike
Strategy & Product Management

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that page default view is horrible to look at....
List view is ok, actually nice. But the tiles !?!?!?

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I hope that the list view will become the default view. Much easier to get data out.

Kuhan Milroy ?

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hope so. I love tiles when they are appropriate and when done the right way. Like live tiles on Windows Mobile OS. (death of windows phone is a tragedy). But on a site which purpose is to work with large amount of information - they are not needed.
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Yes, we are working to make the list view better and the default. But we will also work to clean-up the tiles like not showing the large font title.

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The method of finding a session here only works if you know the exact name of the session, and if the name is not commonly used in the IR text. What worked for me was going to the Open for Submission page (, scroll, scroll, scroll to the bottom of the page, then manually search the page for "BusinessObjects". Once in a session, I followed it. Now from the home page I can go to "Followed Objects" (, which lists all the sessions I have followed.

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Great point Joe.

Yes, besides bookmarking in browser, the follow works well and will also send new idea notifications too.

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Wrong Jelena notified (need someone to disable the old account) but I saw the post anyway.

Glad others are at least able to get in. If I were to submit an idea regarding an SAP product, I'd use my SID. But for SCN ideas I'd prefer to use same PID as on SCN.

Now when I try to access Influence website with PID, I'm again faced with "Upgrade your account" dialog. It wants "Company", full address and even industry. This is my personal account, I don't speak for any company on SCN and I would only speak for myself when entering SCN-related ideas. I can understand the need to accept some additional T&Cs. But why am I asked these irrelevant questions? And what am I supposed to answer?

Anyways, I admire the enthusiasm of others. I've been done with Idea Place long time ago. We submitted, we voted, then barely anything happened. There are still open ideas from 2012 migration like "sticky" posts and "questions with no reply" filter. Fool me once.

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We're cracking down on old ideas with no responses. It may take some time to get the process ironed out but we plan to implement stricter tracking in the backend to 'crack-the-whip' more. :)

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