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Account disabled for submitting alerts on blogs?

I just tried to create a moderator alert on a blog (well, I tried to have one on a comment of a blog, but that is not possible, right?, and got this message:

I still can post threads, so does anyone else also have this issue?

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Oct 11, 2017 at 06:46 AM
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Thanks for pointing me to this thread. Seems like it is still an issue...

Jerry Janda , may you please check why this is the case? Thanks!

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Looks like Jamie jumped in last time. Let me follow up with her...

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Jamie Cantrell , is there any update on this issue?

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HI Martin,

I've sent a note to the support team today. I'll report back once I know more.



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Well, it seems that the support team does have other update so far since 6 days.

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"Your account has been quarantined due to exposure to a recent outbreak of businesstrenditis." :)

So far no one banned me though, so must be a bug... Or is it?

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I tried banning you, but there's a bug in the system preventing me.

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Bug? You mean that line in the code that says:

if(user != "Jelena") {

That's not a bug. You just have to know the right people... :-)

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Oh great, now I'm banned too:

image.jpg (17.6 kB)
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Everybody creating too many alerts will be banned! Too much work for moderators :)

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You're in big trouble, then, with all the alerts you create in "Using":-) I'm just waiting for the "ban user" button to appear in the moderator interface...


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It's better to ban users posting to unrelated tags :)

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Jerry said:

"I tried banning you, but there's a bug in the system preventing me."

Then Jamie:

"I've sent a note to the support team today."

Correlation does not imply causation, I know... :)

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My suspicion exactly. "We fixed the glitch". :)

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Looks like SAP now needs every contribution to the SAP community...Alerts would be taking down the number of new ones ;-)

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Trying to create alerts on blogs means that somebody visited the page which improves blog views statistics.

Therefore trying to alert moderators on a blog is a good thing and need to be encouraged (not the actual alert creation of course, this would be silly).

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At least SAP "does the needful" to produce enough CC discussions.

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Hi @martin.hinderer

Do you still have issues submitting alert?

I see you reported one 9 hours ago.

Best regards,


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Thanks for asking. As I wrote above in this thread some days ago it seems to be working again.

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