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[STATUS UPDATE] why it's not easy to use mobile for editing documents

not community blogging but a jam rant. I went to update a table in a jam document....

I gave up using mobile. Eventuality I'll get on laptop..

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Oct 10, 2017 at 09:10 PM

at least there some life on the screen, is exact the contrary, not even the message is there and no prompt to write one yourself

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I usually refresh. It's the page cannot be found error when my session has timed out as I try to open a chat that gets me. Close window to relaunch and authenticate is my usual approach

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At least you can access the "Terms of Use":)

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Ow, my bleeding eyes!

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Aren’t we all glad the toolbar is there, all the time?

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When I end up in similar situations with my poor old phone I use Request Desktop site feature (Firefox, Android).

Usually it does not improve significantly the situation and I zoom in/out a lot, but in your case it can't get much worse.

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I'm in chrome as the jam app is a headache to use and I have android s7 edge so technology is fairly current

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