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Tags, oh wonderful metadata Tags, wherefore art thou???

SAP HANA Cloud Platform tag page

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for development and operations tag page

SAP S/4HANA Cloud tag page

SAP Fiori tag page

There is a pattern here which could be used to select those tags or pages (where you can choose to follow a tag). It is rather simple. Click on Follow after going to the Tag Page.

I suspect that somewhere (over the rainbow) is a list of the url names associated with each tag. Sadly this information is not contained in the spreadsheet of Primary and Secondary tags, Such a column would be quite helpful.

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  • Oct 13, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    Apologies to Bill S. for abusing his prose!

    And to Judy Garland, may she rest in peace!

  • Oct 13, 2016 at 12:47 PM

    Hello Michael,

    good news! :)

    • Oct 13, 2016 at 01:18 PM


      That is not good news! That link leads to more promises that have been made going back months and never followed up on. Nothing has changed.

      "The result will be a more interconnected, cross-referential, and navigable universe of content." 
      Brian Bernard, April 22, 2015 

      Sorry, Brian, but this is not quite a "navigable universe".

      This is not a new issue. There are probably a dozen or more bug reports on this topic alone. I know I raised the issue when I found out that I could not directly go to a standard tag page directly. This was at the very beginning of Open Beta. I have raised it directly with Gali, Bill Murray, Audrey, and others on the 1DX team. They already have the dropdown functionality, the navigation capability is already built in so just create a dynamic link generator from those items.


      Grab any random group of 10 SCN members and I am quite sure the solution would be developed in a matter of hours. Perhaps a contest or badge could be created which would be worth a thousand invisible Karma points.

      • Oct 13, 2016 at 02:18 PM

        I... I just meant Jamie's linked comment, because of your last paragraph. :X

        • Oct 17, 2016 at 08:34 PM

          Sorry Steffi, I did not mean to vent on you, but all the comments about bugs being logged, it's on our list, we'll fix it down in the near future, etc. have gotten rather old. Especially since almost all these bugs were on the list before going live. And they went live anyway.

          I will try to keep a tighter rein on my frustration level. And since I now need to continue searching for the randomly distributed pearls are buried in all the unnecessary Moderator Queue notifications, undoubtably that level will increase.

          But I will try to avoid such outbursts in the future.

          Sorry, Mike

          • Oct 17, 2016 at 09:50 PM

            It's okay, I see your frustration and call it. ;)

            Even if it seems that way, I'm really not happy about the current state of the new SCN. But I can't change much about it, just try to help out, spread information and knowledge I have (and can share) and as such try to get people started here. And if I find issues, report them and shell out ideas one after the other.

            I don't envy the team either and even though I'm currently wearing the M, I'm constantly doubting, if I'm doing the right thing sticking my nose in kind of everything. Once in a while I'll get it bloodied, so that comes with the territory, I guess.

            So no worries, all's good. :)



  • Oct 13, 2016 at 01:21 PM

    And why is it neccesary to start all four of those tags off with SAP? I mean you are on the SAP web site right? And those are propriatary products right?

    And where is hte spel ck?


    • Oct 18, 2016 at 11:48 AM

      Most likely it is because PPMS has SAP in the name. Not that they are consistent with their naming conventions, but there you have it.

      No idea on spell check. It seems to be present in some places, but not others.

  • Oct 13, 2016 at 01:33 PM

    Hello Michael, I do a tag list (I think is a basic one).

    Check it out: "My map of tags" (for questions only).


    • Oct 17, 2016 at 08:38 PM

      Hi Osvaldo,

      See, this is what I meant about our members being able to provide the solutions if only they were asked! I think it is a basic list and does cover a lot of the common areas. I better bookmark it! Well, at least in my browser.

      Thanks, Mike

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