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In the Year 2025

I am not referring to the 1969 hit single by Zager & Evans that would give us another 500 years, but to SAP Note 1648480 - Maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 Software and the fact that Mainstream maintenance will end December 2025 for quite a few SAP solutions. While I have been helping SAP customers to prepare for this event over the last few years, and still believe better to be safe than sorry, I am wondering what this date will really mean? Might it just be a matter of maintenance costs going up? Of course, these old releases will not benefit from any innovations, but how much longer would SAP be able to support them at all? Windows 95 has been telling us a story there. We cannot let this happen to enterprise software, can we?

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Sep 21, 2017 at 07:16 PM edited Sep 21, 2017 at 07:28 PM

I still know customers on 4.6x systems

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Thank you Colleen,

That is a good point. What kind of support do they get from SAP still if any? Or do they utilize third party support?

Very best regards


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For my company we use an outside vendor for support. They have the old notes on their system. We have planned a go-live with HANA on-premise it has changed several times due to work that we had to get done for the business. 4.6C

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BTW - it is a re-implementation.

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Hi Frank

I would have to speculate here but I think there is out of support costs being paid for support with the agreement/intention that an upgrade is in the future.

With clients with systems this old, they are highly modified and most of the support is in house with z programs.

My point is that we all think of 2025 for out of support and therefore S/4HANA and Fiori is the future. However, you still have companies that didn't get across to ECC. You have companies who have just finished their implementations and will dig heels in and delay a technical upgrade or migration until they realise their return on investment. Come 2025 I really wonder how much 'unsupported' systems will be out there.

It's 8 years away but doubt customers will be ready and support maintenance will be extended or whatever is negotiated.

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...that's when they will finally let you download SAPGUI without an S-User

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... ;-)

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Hi Frank,

Really liked that song. One hit wonder?

25 is only 8 years away. I trained in mainframe software for the Y2K transition which I think companies only started really working on in 97. The company that hired me started pretty close to the end of 97, but real work started in 2nd Quarter of 98. Rollout in January, 99 with little fanfare and almost complete success.

Cheers, Mike

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Thank you Michael,

I think you could be right. While I have been helping SAP customers to prepare for the end of Mainstream maintenance by December 2025 of their SAP solutions, in comparison to the overall number of SAP customers, these might just have been the very forward planning exceptions. I am still expecting this number grow exponentially, but as you say, probably closer to the deadline.

And yes, it was a one hit wonder that I also still quite like.

Best regards


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BTW, the song was actually 2525, so we still have some time :-)

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S/4HANA would be replaced by Z/11 (in Space and without lightspeed limitations). Quantum computers will be the norm and direct mental connections to computers will be passe.

Cheers, Mike

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Hello Frank,

Where can we find the overall stats of customers migrated to S/4 HANA .i.e. how many customers are still planning or planned to migrate ?

If am not wrong now it is 1000 customers migrated to S/4 HANA but not sure, how many are on Cloud or On-premise !

BR/Vivek M

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I believe that widely circulated number 1000 is the licenses sold. I have not seen any official numbers of the ECC customers who fully migrated to S/4HANA. Also I could not find any sessions at TechEd that would be success stories of the full ECC 6.0 -> S/4HANA migration. (It's possible that I wasn't looking good enough.) All the S/4HANA stories made public so far were either brand new customers or just limited S/4HANA implementation (e.g. only Finance). Actually our parent company might as well count among those 1000 because we do have an S/4HANA project. But it does not mean all of our ECC stuff already runs on S/4HANA. IMHO S/4HANA is not even ready yet for such migrations on a mass scale.

And everyone knows that common wisdom is not to install new Windows until SP1 comes out. :)

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I went to a session where they had moved to HANA on-premise from 6.X. It was an awesome one. It included the things we should be doing prior to the upgrade.

S4H307 Practical Tips for Custom Code Functional Incompatibilities in SAP S/4HANA.

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I read that as a number and was like "Woah, that's a looot of tips!". :D

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Did they move to Business Suite on HANA or S/4HANA? I was looking for "migration" keyword. Most likely missed that session because there were already too many with "preparing custom code for HANA" and such in the title. Attended one last year already, pretty much just common sense.

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Good Point!! However, what’s the legal successor for these products. Consider the main system ERP 6.0 EHP8. PAM says move to S/4 HANA. However, they also say S/4 HANA is not legal successor and needs different license. Is anyone ready to pay for it 7 years in advance!!

Who knows in 7 years, which will be the leading innovative product in this fast-changing technological world.

SAP will need to lead itself in moving customers to new versions with innovative ways rather than just putting a date or someone else have an opportunity here.

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It reminders me a movie - Judgement day and a famous dialog by Arnold schwarzenegger "Come with me if you want to Live" :-)

But not sure who is trying to SAVE whom in SAP World - Whether customers are saving SAP by migrating to HANA OR SAP is trying to save customers by 2025 from ERP downfall :-):-)

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Over the years, I've become quite skeptical of any plans for more than a year ahead. I started the current job in 2010. We have 2 SAP systems (let's say A and B) that serve different lines of business (LOB). Back in 2010 there was a long-term plan to assimilate system B into system A. Then suddenly we were bought by an investment company that said "heck with it, we're going to split you and sell for parts, so start a complete separation by LOB". So not only B wasn't going into A anymore but we had to slice and dice them together with systems D and C in another country. That project was almost completed when the company got bought again as a whole. Here we go again, scratch the separation and systems A and B will need to go into the parent company's mega-system. And that system I guess eventually will become S/4HANA. Can't tell you when, I guess it depends on the shareholders' mood or whatever.

But with that kind of experience I just smile at any plans because they might change before the meeting is over. That's called wisdom, I think. :)

I guess you'd need to ask this question again in 2024. Then we might know. :)

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