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[Status Update] Some more profile updates

Hi All,

We've now released Archived Discussions in the profile, as shown here:

And we've also released an additional sort order in the Followers/Following section of the profile. It's now possible to sort those by date added.

For more about recent and upcoming profile improvements, see this blog:

To keep track of the latest news and updates from the SAP Community Experience team, please make sure to visit the SAP Community wiki page and select the "watch" option in the upper right. By watching this page, you'll receive an email notification whenever new information becomes available.

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Sep 11, 2017 at 09:22 PM

Well, that was a bit of a shock... :-)

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You don't like to be shown as good example?

If it was by intention to show a screen where all archived discussions are flagged with correct answer then she probably searched long.

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I just wasn't expecting to see me staring back at me from the laptop screen!

I take your point, especially as these are archived discussions. It is just the top 4 of mine that have green ticks. Things get a little worse as you scroll down...


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Ooohh, now that's nice! I shall promptly take a stroll down memory lane :-)

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Very long stroll for me since I need to get into Jelena The First profile to start. :(

Found some interesting stuff though:

Content discovery was a problem in 2013 already

"Items with no replies" is still missed (Idea status "for future consideration", it's been 4 years)

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Ah, history tells the truth: Your last link shows a comment with a dialog, and from the status quo of this site I have to conclude (not having participated in SCN/idea place in those ancient times) the yellow marked choice must have been chosen very frequently...:)

scngomobile.png (41.6 kB)
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