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[Status update] Yeah, more flexibilty for the profile!

"We are currently implementing the feature to hide company and location information. Should be available soon." (quote of Gali).

Really happy about this! Now... more coffee. :)

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Oct 12, 2016 at 08:06 AM


Mafikizolo feat May D - Happiness

Thanks to the new platform I am learning to appreciate the small things in life :)

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And if I look at the q&a overview, it looks like more and more people do find "their" tags to ask questions.

I guess a lot of people forget how bumpy the last re-launch went. ^^

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It shouldn't be bumpy Steffi. We implement SAP in multi-billion dollar companies and move terabytes of data from legacy systems to archives and new systems. And yes.. there are a few bumps. But SAP should be the absolute leader in converting to new systems. The execution should be practically flawless.

It doesn't give me warm and fuzzies when I log in on the second day and have some one elses avatar show up on my profile.

Or the buttons don't work sometimes, etc.. or I have to refresh constantly.. etc.. Or that basic functionality of profiles weren't carrried over, etc..


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I know, I'm not crazy about it either. But I can't change the way it started, I can only try and make it better for others that struggle with what I already found out by sharing my information. :)

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I followed the new process on submitting ideas on idea place and put one in for profiles/account management in general. Am still not sure how they call it: SAP People Account, SAP Profile, SCN Profile, S-User,SSO account?

You might check it and add your requests as comment, if they fit in.

SAP People Account Management

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Hi All,

I'm happy to say that the feature to hide or display your company and location information is now live.

Go to your profile and check it out. Let me know if there are any issues.


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Hi Audrey

I just tried it. Awesome!!!

Thank you team for taking our privacy request into consideration :)

Have all fields been updated to hidden by default for users so they have to opt in?



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At least for the company fields I can confirm this. Everything concerining the company is now hidden by default on my profile.

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Yes, it looks like it's set to be hidden by default. I didn't do anything and mine were hidden. But any idiot can find me on LinkedIn, so I went ahead and opened mine. I'm glad though that there is a choice.

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